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laser liposuction

Benefits of Laser Liposuction

An alternative to the traditional liposuction, laser liposuction is an up and coming updated fat removal and body sculpting method available for our Westchester, Long Island, and NYC patients. Utilizing techniques associated with tumescent liposuction, this popular method uses lasers to break up fats before removing it from the body, reducing the need for harsh …

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What’s The Difference Between OTC Skincare Products And Those From A Medspa?

There are over thousands of different skincare products sold in the clinics, pharmacies and grocery stores. All of the skincare products promises different results and we are constantly bombarded by commercials that claim that rejuvenated skin and baby-like skin after 7 days. So what is the difference between over-the-counter skincare products and those from Medspa? …

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plastic surgery

Never Too Old For Plastic Surgery

Looking good and feeling better is no longer the sole responsibility of the young and single. People are generally living and working longer so it is little wonder that people are choosing plastic surgery at an older age. Some statistics collected have shown that individuals over the age of 55 received the second highest number …

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breast implant

Popular Breast Implant Questions Answered!

Wherever you are, the popularity of breast augmentation endures. On Long Island, in Westchester and NYC, breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures. In the United States, there are over 300,000 breast augmentation procedures performed annually. Still, women considering this procedure have plenty of questions about breast implants.  Are All Breast …

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Microneedling Provides Perfect Skin Rejuvenation For NYC Patients

There are an overwhelming number of products and procedures when one searches for skin rejuvenation solutions. Ask any cosmetic counters or dermatology clinics and they will have their recommendations on skin rejuvenating products or solutions, but how many of these solutions provide individuals with long lasting results staying true to your young soul that you …

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Why Are Facelifts Still Relevant Today?

Are facelifts still relevant with all the advanced facial creams and skin treatments dominating the plastic industry these days? Yes, facelifts procedures are definitely still a necessity as it can address multiple areas why may require anatomical changes. Read on to find out more about facelifts and how it is still relevant for one to …

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body cosmetic surgery

Debunking Body Cosmetic Surgery Myths

Topping the charts for being the most commonly performed surgery, plastic surgery is no stranger in today’s society. However, there are still individuals who are skeptical and have their doubts about body cosmetic surgery. While the field of plastics continually improves, misinformation remains uncorrected. In this post, we debunk some of the top myths in …

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Kybella Can Chase Away Your Chin Troubles!

The solution to your double chin has finally arrived! Kybella double chin treatment is a United Stated Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approved, non-invasive method to removing your double chin, helping you to achieve the sharp and appealing profile you desire. Chin up as we share more about the key to your double chin troubles. …

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