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NYC Rhinoplasty

Nothing has a greater impact on how a person looks than the size and shape of their nose. Rhinoplasty, a surgical procedure performed to reshape the nose, isn’t simply for people who are self-conscious about their nose. It can also help correct structural defects that impede breathing. To make aesthetic improvements, New York City plastic …

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Questions about Nose Surgery

Who is a good candidate for rhinoplasty? If you are dissatisfied by the way your nose looks or have trouble breathing due to the structure of your nose, you are likely a good candidate for nose surgery. Most plastic surgeons recommend that you wait to undergo a rhinoplasty until your nose has completely developed. This …

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Aesthetic Gifting …The Hottest Adult Gift For Valentine’s Day

Plastic Surgeon Scott Newman, MD, FACS | Exclusive Body by Dr. Newman Cupid’s Aesthetic Plastic Surgery New York Package for $25,000 New York, NY, January 2011 – The most desired adult gift this Valentine’s Day will not be the latest designer bag, signature perfume or diamond ring but rather something even more personal – an …

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Questions and Answers About Otoplasty

What is otoplasty? Also known as “ear pinning,” otoplasty is the surgical procedure in which your ears are reshaped to more ideally match your head. With this procedure, patients with overly large, distracting ears can enjoy a more symmetrical, appealing look. How long does otoplasty surgery take? In general, otoplasty takes anywhere from one to …

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How Long Will a Breast Lift Last?

Several factors can impact the perkiness and lift of your breasts. Weight gain, pregnancy, age, and genetics all play a role in determining how long your breast lift will last. However, new methods in breast lift surgery can help extend your results, and many women find their breast lifts last for several years. How to …

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Implant Placement: Over or Under?

With breast augmentation, the decision of placement will affect both the aesthetics and longevity of your implants. During your initial consultation, experienced New York plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Newman will listen carefully to your desires, assess your entire body, and help you select a placement option that is ideally suited to meet your needs. Subglandular …

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