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Effective scar therapy

Effective Scar Therapy

Effective Scar Therapy – Silicone Gel One of the most prevalent concerns for patients contemplating elective surgery is scarring.  Patients will often ask if their scar will be noticeable, especially when they are having a surgical procedure in an area that will not be covered by clothing I am pleased to report that scar therapy …

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Laser Hair Removal New York | A Hot Summer Trend

There’s nothing like the euphoric feeling a New Yorker experiences as the first rays of sunshine filter through the clouds and signals the onset of spring.  We immediately begin to anticipate summer and a multitude of fair weather activities after our long and dreary winter winds down.  As we begin to gear up for these …

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Fuller Lips Are “In” – Part 2

With increasing demand for lip augmentation, I am compelled to share the advantages and disadvantages for the most common procedures I recommend for my patients, including Fillers, Implants and Enlargements. Fillers – Clearly fillers are the easiest solution.  Currently Juvederm and Restylane, two nearly identical fillers, are most popular.  Although this is a popular choice, the …

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Fuller Lips Are “In” | New York Lip Augmentation

With today’s media driven push for Hollywood-style beauty, fuller lips – whether they are natural or surgically enhanced – are often considered youthful and sexy.   Stars, like Angelina Jolie, Meg Ryan and Jessica Simpson, have popularized the full lip look and created a heightened demand.    As a result, I see many patients who are looking …

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