VECTRA® 3D Imaging

What if you could see the results of your breast augmentation, breast lift, or other cosmetic procedure before you even schedule your surgery? Many people are purely “visual” and have a hard time envisioning something without a visual aid to simulate the effects. With the help of the VECTRA 3D imaging system, board-certified plastic surgeon Scott E. Newman MD, FACS, gives patients a clear view of what they can expect as the outcome of many different plastic surgery procedures at the very earliest phases of consultation. The machine previews facial, body, and breast procedures according to a patient’s exact body and proportions, delivering a three-dimensional glimpse into the future. VECTRA 3D is available to all patients who come to Dr. Newman’s New York offices at Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center.

About the VECTRA 3D Imaging System

This advanced 3D imaging device captures different views of the patient’s face, neck, or décolletage, stitching them together into a high resolution view that provides crystal clear, photorealistic representation of the patient’s face or body in complete detail. Offering 36 megapixel color capture, VECTRA 3D instantly records the image and translates it to a monitor paired with a computer terminal for viewing, simulation, and adjustments in real time. Once images are uploaded, Dr. Newman will work with you to find the look you desire, experimenting with different options and making adjustments as needed. He will then create a treatment plan, documenting the exact specifications you reached together.

How VECTRA 3D Imaging Works

The level of detail provided by the VECTRA machine is unsurpassed. Thanks to VECTRA 3D technology, you can view a three-dimensional model of your own body from your hips to your neck. This image is able to be rotated and twisted for viewing at any angle. The VECTRA 3D Imaging System captures even the minutest details of your figure and can reference specific points like your collarbone, breastbone, nipple, or your ribs for improved calculations and relevance to your proportions. This can be especially useful in cases of breast augmentation, where, for example, the shape and position of your rib cage and the amount of existing breast tissue ultimately make a difference in your final results. VECTRA’s imaging solution also allows for side-by-side comparisons to enhance the decision-making process as well as translucent overlays for an even clearer depiction of the procedure’s expected outcome.

VECTRA 3D’s Breast Sculptor™ imaging system accurately shows how a patient will look after placement of different sizes of breast implants, making the decision process easier than ever. The captured images contain data points that correlate to actual values based on the implant sizes and types available. The software clearly depicts how those different implants will look once placed. Correcting asymmetry of the breasts is easily visualized with fine-tuning and the choice of different sized implants for either breast. The previews go into great detail, illustrating the difference between a saline implant and a silicone implant, and the system also allows Dr. Newman to adjust the positioning of the implants, much like the actual surgical procedure would allow.

Benefits of VECTRA 3D Imaging

The VECTRA 3D Imaging System can help you as a patient to better envision the results of a cosmetic procedure on your own body. You can decide between a full tummy tuck or a mini-tuck, narrow down your options when it comes to breast implant sizes, or get a clearer picture of how you would look following a facelift, liposuction, or even after aesthetic laser procedures. Dr. Newman’s VECTRA 3D solution allows you to:

  • View a three-dimensional model of your body from any angle, twisting and rotating to consider all views.
  • Check out side-by-side comparisons of different intended outcomes to help decide between different implant sizes, placement locations, and other factors.
  • Define realistic expectations for what you could look like following a cosmetic surgery procedure.
  • Look at your own anatomy in great detail, making the right decisions for your body based on your unique shape.
  • Consider different procedures and their outcomes before making a choice.
  • Improve your overall satisfaction with your chosen procedure by looking at all the underlying factors before you even go into surgery.

Don’t just wonder how you would look if you took steps to achieve your aesthetic goals. Get a true glimpse into the future with a consultation at Dr. Newman’s office featuring three-dimensional renderings created by the VECTRA 3D Imaging System. Request your free consultation today.

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