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acne scar removal

The Evolution Of Acne Scar Removal Technology

Scars due to blemishes can cover a significant portion of shoulders, back, chest and face. They distort the skin texture, making it impossible to recover. Initially, there were only few alternatives to deal with such issues. However, in the past decade or so, the acne scar removal technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Let …

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laser skin resurfacing

Conditions That Laser Skin Resurfacing Treats

Most people know skin resurfacing as microdermabrasion. However, these two clinical terms mean different. Microdermabrasion is applied to treat a wide range of common skin conditions while skin resurfacing offers a deeper level of treatment. Also known as laser skin resurfacing, this form of treatment is often used to erase age spots and acne scars, …

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view of the city on a sunny day

Warm Weather Skin Care

Spring has sprung, and the temperature is rising! Peel off your dark winter clothes, put away your heavy moisturizers and cosmetics, and lighten up! Sunshine and outdoor activities are right around the corner so be prepared to look your best. Read on to learn more about warm weather skin care. Protect Your Skin Although you …

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skin care tips for the winter

Effective Skin Care Tips For The Winter

As winter sets in, the temperature drops and this in turn makes the skin dryer. For different individuals, the skin reacts differently to winter but in general, people will experience extra sensitivity in their skin and also, it would begin to dry and peel off. The winter weather is not fun for the skin, as …

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acne scars in NYC

Saying Bye To Acne Scars In NYC

The most common problem associated with acne is the formation of acne scars, which can leave marks even after the acne disappears. Luckily, a range of effective acne treatments in NYC can help you in reducing the redness of the scars, and diminish the marks within quick time. This condition is quite commonly found in …

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