Skin Care Must-Do’s After A Cosmetic Procedure

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If you think that everything is going to be easy after a plastic surgery, then you are wrong. Well, in a sense, it makes everything seem fine especially that you look prettier after the procedure. However, making the decision to have plastic surgery is more than just improving yourself. You also need to commit to a few rules in order to make the end-results last for a long time.

Never forget to do these skin-care must-do’s after surgery:

Restrain from Touching the Surgical Site

Few days after a facial plastic surgery procedure, scabs or peeling skin will be too tempting to be picked or touched. Stop yourself because doing so will increase the tendency of developing an infection which can lead to a nasty scarring afterwards. You wouldn’t want that to happen especially with either a forehead lift or a face lift because those areas are too exposed.

Make the Sun Your Enemy

Even without undergoing surgery, too much sun exposure can make the skin look dry and dull. So if you had plastic surgery, avoid the sun at all cost most especially within the few days post-op. If you can’t help it and must be under the sun, a full-spectrum sunscreen with a higher SPF should be applied.

Do Not Skip a Skin Care Routine

Particularly if you had something done on your face, like laser skin resurfacing, skin-care is a top priority. Start off with having mild, preferably hypoallergenic, products for cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Avoid harsh chemicals as it may damage not only the surface but also the deeper layers of the skin. Soft towels should be used in patting your skin dry after every wash.

Love Water

The skin needs water to stay supple, smooth, and look healthier. Drinking 64 ounces daily should be enough to keep your body and skin hydrated. Keeping yourself hydrated will also promote faster healing of cuts that were acquired during surgery.

Choose to Eat Healthy

The body needs fuel in producing tissue cells. Incorporating healthy proteins and vitamins in your meals will promote tissue regeneration and faster wound healing. In choosing to have healthier eating habits, remember to let go of the bad ones. Cut processed foods, sugars, and carbonated drinks from your diet. Alcohol and nicotine should also be avoided as they destroy the skin cells.

Get Enough Rest

After surgery, the body becomes weak against pathogens. This makes the skin vulnerable especially on the surgical site. Tissue cells grow strong when you are at rest so make sure to have at least eight hours of sleep every night to give the body ample time to recuperate.

The most important thing to remember is to always pamper yourself with a me-time where you can take care of your body and your skin after a procedure. The great thing about doing these things is that not only will it allow for a faster healing and recovery, it will also ensure that you get to enjoy the results longer.

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