Saying Bye To Acne Scars In NYC

acne scars in NYC

The most common problem associated with acne is the formation of acne scars, which can leave marks even after the acne disappears. Luckily, a range of effective acne treatments in NYC can help you in reducing the redness of the scars, and diminish the marks within quick time. This condition is quite commonly found in people of all ages, and acne breakouts can also lead to irritation and redness.

Common Mistakes With Acne Treatment

The biggest misconception that people suffering from acne have is that the scars will fade over time. On the other hand, some people go too far when it comes to treating acne. Out of desperation, when you start using harsh exfoliating treatments and skin abrasives, your acne situation is going to get out of hand. You need to be gentle on your face, and regular cleansing might be enough for healthy skin. Over-scrubbing is only going to damage your skin cells. Avoiding direct contact of bacteria with the face can help you tackle acne formation.

You may require professional intervention to deal with extreme cases, and here are some procedures that can help you eliminate acne scars in NYC.

Acne Facials

In order to prevent redness and scarring, along with treatment of acne breakouts, acne facials are one of the best solutions. It is basically a non-invasive skin resurfacing technique that combines antioxidant protection, hydration, extraction, exfoliation and cleansing. With an acne facial, your skin looks more moisturized, smoother and clearer. Another effective method of treating both acne scars and acne is the photofacial treatment, which causes the destruction of the most common bacteria leading to acne. It is available for all skin types and can be used in combination with other facials.

Advanced Acne Scar Treatments

Stubborn acne scars can happen faster beyond your expectations. Once the redness is more evident, you need something more than the generic acne treatment. Advanced methods can come in handy, in such cases. This category of treatment triggers collagen production, without the need of removing a skin layer. For best results, it is done in a series of sessions over a few months, and you can notice changes within a fortnight. Some common procedures include:

  • Blemish Excision: A slight incision is made in the skin, and all the debris and pus is drained from the blemish. It begins to heal after clearance of the pus. However, this only works on existing blemishes, and you would still need medication to get acne breakouts in control.
  • Laser Treatments: Depending on your skin type and condition, there are many laser treatment options for you. It basically includes directing a high-intensity pulse of light into the skin, reducing acne-causing bacteria and inflammation.
  • Chemical Peels: The use of chemical peels is the easiest way to exfoliate and improve skin texture, especially used for treating mild acne. As a general procedure, a chemical agent is applied to the skin, which triggers a remodeling process by removing the skin surface. After a few days of the treatment, your skin will peel off, allowing a refreshed skin to show up on the surface.

Irrespective of the severity of your acne scars, you can easily reach out to Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center for professional assistance on treating acne scars in NYC.

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