Effective Skin Care Tips For The Winter

skin care tips for the winter

As winter sets in, the temperature drops and this in turn makes the skin dryer. For different individuals, the skin reacts differently to winter but in general, people will experience extra sensitivity in their skin and also, it would begin to dry and peel off. The winter weather is not fun for the skin, as the temperature drop, the air becomes dry and reduces the moisture from skin every day. Without proper care, the skin will not only dry and peel, but cracked skin as well. The winter wind also makes it worse. Let’s check out some skin care tips for the winter:

Change to Cleaning Oil

It is during the winter that your skin is at its driest state and in need of a good skincare routine. Try replacing your old cleansing products to non-comedogenic body oil. The term “non-comedogenic” simply means oil that does not block your skin pores. They clean away dirt and make up. They can be easily washed away. They do not leave greasy patches on your skin, rather then make it soft and smooth.

Clean your Skin Thoroughly

On days where the cold is at its peak, gently use a facial toner across your face to freshen up. Be careful not to damage the skin lipid cover which is what protects the skin and keeps the moisture locked in. Before going to bed, clean your skin properly so that residue does not clog your pores.

Peel Away the Flakiness in Your Skin

Dry skin represents dead cells that need to be removed. Some prefer to use mechanical peeling method of removing dry skin. When using this method, one has to be as careful as possible because the small scrub particles could irritate the skin that has already been made sensitive by the weather. It is better to use enzymes peeling twice a week. It is more effective as it eats away at the dead cells without having too much effect on the normal skin.

Wash Your Face in Lukewarm Water

During the winter, hot showers are a bliss because they chase the cold away. But when you can, especially when washing your hands and face, use lukewarm water instead. It would help minimize the amount of oil that would be stripped from the skin.

Use Moisture Immediately after Bathing

True, your skin needs moisture, but it needs the moisture immediately after you take a bath. When moisturizing products are applied to damp skin, it seals the dampness into the skin. So, it is best to keep a bottle of moisturizer close to the bathtub and use it every time you take a bath.

Protect Your Skin

Learn to start wearing gloves and scarves that would protect your skin from the cold wind. Wear sunscreens too, winter Sun is just as damaging as the Sun during summer.

Install a Humidifier in Your Home

You should consider installing humidifiers in your home. Heating systems tend to dry out the air and lock the heat in. Make sure to install it in your bedroom so it can dry out the air and help you retain moisture on your skin.

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