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Reiki Gives A Patient A Better Botox Experience

I must say I’m a bit of a skeptic.  Fortune tellers and astrology never made sense to Dr. Newman, the scientist.  Many people believe in these pseudo-sciences…I’ve always just thought of it as silly. Deann Cartwright is my front desk manager- and she happens to be trained in the Japanese methods of Reiki at the …

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Consult with an Experienced NYC Breast Implant Surgeon

When considering a NYC breast implant surgeon, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure that you are working with an experienced surgeon dedicated to patient care. Dr. Scott Newman, specializing in NYC breast implant surgery, has performed over 4,000 surgeries and has the insight and experience to make sure that you are in full and …

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Effective scar therapy

Effective Scar Therapy

Effective Scar Therapy – Silicone Gel One of the most prevalent concerns for patients contemplating elective surgery is scarring.  Patients will often ask if their scar will be noticeable, especially when they are having a surgical procedure in an area that will not be covered by clothing I am pleased to report that scar therapy …

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Laser Hair Removal New York | A Hot Summer Trend

There’s nothing like the euphoric feeling a New Yorker experiences as the first rays of sunshine filter through the clouds and signals the onset of spring.  We immediately begin to anticipate summer and a multitude of fair weather activities after our long and dreary winter winds down.  As we begin to gear up for these …

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Fuller Lips Are “In” – Part 2

With increasing demand for lip augmentation, I am compelled to share the advantages and disadvantages for the most common procedures I recommend for my patients, including Fillers, Implants and Enlargements. Fillers – Clearly fillers are the easiest solution.  Currently Juvederm and Restylane, two nearly identical fillers, are most popular.  Although this is a popular choice, the …

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Fuller Lips Are “In” | New York Lip Augmentation

With today’s media driven push for Hollywood-style beauty, fuller lips – whether they are natural or surgically enhanced – are often considered youthful and sexy.   Stars, like Angelina Jolie, Meg Ryan and Jessica Simpson, have popularized the full lip look and created a heightened demand.    As a result, I see many patients who are looking …

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Breast Augmentation… Not Just About SIZE!

Dr. Scott E Newman Prominent New York Cosmetic Surgeon Emphasizes There Are Many Motivating Factors for Breast Surgery New York City, April 14, 2011 – When the topic of breast augmentation or cosmetic breast surgery is approached, many immediately conjure stripper, Vegas cocktail waitress, Heidi Montag, oversized, mountainous, cleavage bearing breasts that defy gravity and …

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Options in Breast Surgery

Plastic surgeons first attempted to create breast implants in 1890 through the use of paraffin injections. Breast implants and breast augmentation surgery has evolved greatly since then. Common Types of Breast Surgery Breast augmentation surgeries rate as the most popular plastic surgery today. However, you may not know about some other common procedures that plastic …

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Body Contouring

Many people seek body contouring both through traditional and new methods. There are several options you may be a candidate for. Dr. Newman will be happy to discuss these options with you. Two body contouring options offered by Dr. Newman include liposuction and tummy tuck. Liposuction Liposuction Liposuction, or lipoplasty, is a surgical procedure used …

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