Implant Placement: Over or Under?

With breast augmentation, the decision of placement will affect both the aesthetics and longevity of your implants. During your initial consultation, experienced New York plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Newman will listen carefully to your desires, assess your entire body, and help you select a placement option that is ideally suited to meet your needs.

Subglandular Placement

Subglandular breast implant placement is best for women with insufficient breast tissue to cover a submuscular placement. With subglandular breast implant placement, Dr. Newman will place your implant below the breast tissue, just above your chest muscle.

This option requires a less invasive surgery and enjoys a faster recovery. However, subglandular breast implants are more likely to ripple, wrinkle, and sag. Because they are placed above the muscle, it is also possible that the outline of the implants will be visible with this placement option.

Submuscular Placement

The most common implant placement is submuscular. This placement puts the implant beneath the muscles in your chest.

The surgical procedure for submuscular implants is more involved and requires a slightly longer healing time than subglandular placement, but many patients find this minimal inconvenience to be well worth it. Implants placed below the muscle in you chest tend to look more natural and are less likely to ripple or sag. In addition, placed under the muscles, the implants themselves are almost entirely unnoticeable.

If you live in or around Westchester, Long Island, or New York, New York and are interested in learning more about breast implant placement, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Newman at Newman Plastic Surgery to schedule a free consultation today.

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