Debunking Body Cosmetic Surgery Myths

body cosmetic surgery

Topping the charts for being the most commonly performed surgery, plastic surgery is no stranger in today’s society. However, there are still individuals who are skeptical and have their doubts about body cosmetic surgery. While the field of plastics continually improves, misinformation remains uncorrected. In this post, we debunk some of the top myths in body contouring plastic surgery in the interest of educating people in Westchester, Long Island, NYC, and beyond.

Myth 1: Body Plastic Surgery Is Unaffordable

Untrue. There are various procedures catering to various needs of individuals, treatment plans could be discussed with the surgeon in order to tailor something that suits a patient’s needs and budget. Of course, you should not expect peanuts when you visit an Ivy-League educated doctor in New York city area.

Myth 2: Downtime Following Surgery Is Lengthy

With the advancement in technology and techniques, there are plastic surgery procedures that are much less invasive allowing shorter recovery periods or downtime. Your surgeon will advise you on the best alternative and possible downtime so that you may be able to plan your big day and work schedules.

Myth 3: Body Cosmetic Surgery Is Only for the Overweight & Unhealthy

Body cosmetic surgery should only be performed on physically healthy patients. Despite the nature of the surgery being cosmetic, some of the procedures are invasive and requires a lengthy healing duration.

Cosmetic surgery is typically the “last resort” when a fit lifestyle is unable to produce the optimal physical transformation in the body. For instance, when diet and exercise is insufficient, body cosmetic surgery is introduced to combat sagging skin, stubborn fat and areas that are resilient to the patient’s efforts.

Myth 4: Plastic Surgery Is Required by the Famous Only

While the entertainment industry relies heavily on looks and talent, it is untrue that only the famous needs plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is open to all who needs improvements and help on their body. The idea of plastic surgery is to help individuals look better and feel better, boosting their self-confidence and working towards a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Myth 5: The Aim of Plastic Surgery Is To Create Perfection

The idea of perfection is subjective and everyone works towards perfection. While some patients harbors unrealistic expectations, it is the duty of the doctor to advise on the best set of treatments and alternatives with a patient’s mental and physical wellness as priority. Plastic surgery may do wonders and provide a fast and effective physical transformation but there are limitations and restrictions to each individual’s anatomy.

If you are interested to find out more about body cosmetic surgery, it is essential that you discuss your doubts with our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Scott Newman. Leave no doubts unsolved.

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