What’s The Difference Between OTC Skincare Products And Those From A Medspa?


There are over thousands of different skincare products sold in the clinics, pharmacies and grocery stores. All of the skincare products promises different results and we are constantly bombarded by commercials that claim that rejuvenated skin and baby-like skin after 7 days. So what is the difference between over-the-counter skincare products and those from Medspa? Do they serve similar purposes and do Medspa simply displays random products from whichever distributor that comes their way? We answer your doubts in the following article.

Stringent Selection Process

United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) is overseeing and approves all the drug and food relations before it goes into the stores. However, not all cosmetic is subjected to review as there are no specific guidelines, unlike drugs so cosmetic products are placed on the sidelines and minimally scrutinized on the formulas. However, some OTC products have also been useful and effective too.

Professional products on the other hand, are subjected to a completely different review and are allowed to be sold by only licensed professionals such as pharmacists, esthetician and medical doctors. Professional products undergo stringent and higher standards because they are sold to specifically alter and improve the skin which effects can penetrate the skin. These products have a full disclosure of all the ingredients, helping the doctors to understand and prevent allergies and users to know exactly what they are applying onto their skin.

Tailored Products For Your Skin

Medspa products would only be issued with consultation or prescription which means your certified doctor or esthetician would understand and know what your skin requires before recommending and issuing the product treating your dermatological issues. Altering the condition of your face such as the PH level of your skin requires delicate products to balance it and simply using any products over the counter would result in overly oily or dry skin.

Professional Products Is An Investment

It is a huge misconception that most people have on professional products. Let’s get this clear, any product that is to be applied or ingested on your body is an investment. It is vital to invest and spend on the right product giving you the glow rather than spending on products that you do not receive any results. If you are wondering why your investment on OTC products is not working like it is advertised, you are investing in the wrong things.

Consulting a certified licensed personnel is not meant to break your bank but to get educated and improve on the largest organ on your body – your skin. It is essential that you meet and discuss with our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Scott Newman on what your skin needs and maximize on the glow in you!

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