Why Are Facelifts Still Relevant Today?


Are facelifts still relevant with all the advanced facial creams and skin treatments dominating the plastic industry these days? Yes, facelifts procedures are definitely still a necessity as it can address multiple areas why may require anatomical changes. Read on to find out more about facelifts and how it is still relevant for one to look young and great.

What Is FaceLift?

Also known as rhytidectomy, it is a cosmetic procedure that aims to provide individuals with a more youthful appearance to the face by tightening loose skin and underlying tissues. Facelift procedure is often done around the lower half of the face, on top of tightening loose hanging skin, it can also remove deep creases that you might find around the mouth and nose areas. Procedure can be combined with surgery to enhance areas such as cheeks, brows, forehead and even eyelid. Facelift procedures involves incisions but these incisions are designed in place to be conspicuous.

Facelifts vs Skin Firming Products

To the consumers who have been searching for alternatives to looking younger and owning firmer skin in a limited time frame, it is with regret to inform you that no skin firming products could promise you results that facelifts could. Surely skin firming products do their magic but it will take time for that to happen and results from the application of skin serum would not last. The best face creams can create impressive short-term results but they are unable to change your skin permanently.

Facelifts on the other hand, promises tighter skin that is tailored to your facial needs allowing you to look younger, feel younger and act younger.

What Should Be Expected After Facelift Surgery?

You should expect bandages around your face after surgery and dressings are usually removed after a day or two. Certain level of discomfort should also be expected, mainly tightness around the areas worked on rather than significant pain. Of course, there will be swelling and bruising but it is expected to disappear within a few weeks.

Facelift surgery sounds intimidating for individuals who have their concerns going under the knife, but true to the saying, “no pain no gain”, one have to make certain sacrifices before achieving miraculous results to looking great. Especially with the advancement in technology, there is little risks in these procedures which helps to satisfy one’s desire to looking better in well tolerated and overwhelm-ly safe conditions.

If you are considering facelifts procedures, it is pertinent that you discuss your goals with our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Scott Newman. Do the right thing for your face and your soul in a safe manner.

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