Kybella Can Chase Away Your Chin Troubles!


The solution to your double chin has finally arrived! Kybella double chin treatment is a United Stated Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approved, non-invasive method to removing your double chin, helping you to achieve the sharp and appealing profile you desire. Chin up as we share more about the key to your double chin troubles.

What is Kybella Double Chin Treatment?

Kybella double chin treatment is a treatment that involves injecting a synthetic form of naturally occurring substance that the human body uses to metabolize fat, deoxycholic acid. Kybella destroys the membrane of these fat cells, forcing them to release that fat into the body which is then metabolized and flushed away.

How is Kybella Double Chin Treatment Performed?

As mentioned above, Kybella double chin treatment is a treatment done by injecting into the area that requires to be worked on. Depending on the treatment plan set out by your doctor, you might require a few sessions to achieve your desired profile. Each session should not last more than half hour. Numbing agents will be applied before the treatment. Few hours of soreness and mild swelling should also be expected after the treatment as the fat melts away.

Why Kybella Double Chin Treatment?

If you are looking for a non-invasive and effective treatment with minimal downtime, Kybella double chin treatment is your answer! It is targeted to treat “submental fat” which pockets right underneath your chin. As every individual’s facial feature is unique, Kybella is able to target right to your fatty problems treating the problem right in the roots.

Another amazing feature of Kybella is that it is a permanent solution. Kybella treatment is able to destroy the fat cells once and for all, for good in a safe manner. Some patients might require several treatments to achieve their goals but once the treatment series are completed, the fat cells are completed destroyed. This wonderful method is able to create lasting effect without the use of dangerous acids or unproven herbal extracts.

Kybella is a new technology that helps individual to achieve targeted results and only skilled cosmetic surgeon should offer this treatment. If you are interested to find out more about this amazing treatment, it is pertinent that you discuss with our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Scott Newman.

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