Never Too Old For Plastic Surgery

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Looking good and feeling better is no longer the sole responsibility of the young and single. People are generally living and working longer so it is little wonder that people are choosing plastic surgery at an older age. Some statistics collected have shown that individuals over the age of 55 received the second highest number of plastic surgery procedures from 2016. One can never be too old for plastic surgery, read on as we share some advices from professionals regarding plastic surgery at a higher age.

Age Is Just A Number

Age is nothing more than a number and it is extremely relevant in this case. Along with age, senior adults might find their skin sagging, wrinkles or even sunspot emerging but those who have always felt young, can look young too. Toss away the notion that plastic surgery and feeling confident under your skin, literally in this context, is only for the younger generation. During your consultation with the plastic surgeon, he will be more concerned about your overall health rather than your age. Regardless of the type of procedure that you might be looking at, whether it is any type of rejuvenating procedure, a face lift or breast augmentation, your health status is the key to the risk of complications you might be exposed to.

Too Young For Surgery

If your concern is your age, just know that you are never too old for plastic surgery but in fact, you can be too young for it. If you do not possess significant sagging in the skin or drooping in the eye area, neither a facelift or eyelid lift can help you. Of course, depending on the type of surgery, you might find one that you need.

Away With The Cigarettes

Smoking increases one’s risks for complication during and after surgery, so many patients are advised to quit smoking weeks before a procedure and for best results, avoid tobacco weeks after. Plastic surgeons is likely to take into consideration your smoking habits before arranging for a surgery and surgery could face postponement if you are a long-term smoker, allowing your body to recover from the damage caused by the ingredients of tobacco and nicotine.

Plastic surgery no doubt rejuvenates you but it will not become the fountain of your youth, approach your surgery with a realistic attitude. Do not allow your age to be any part of your reasons for not looking good or confident. Before deciding on which procedure may be best for you, it is recommended that you perform ample research and give careful thought to your options. You can meet with a qualified doctor such as Dr. Scott Newman for an initial consultation to discuss your different options. Do not stop looking and feeling young, confident and fabulous because you deserve it!

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