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How Does Restylane Work?

Restylane has fast become a growing favorite when it comes to sculpting lips and smoothing out wrinkles. As it is classed as a dermal filler it is perfect for lifting and shaping features. One other reason it is so popular is that it has long-lasting effects, sometimes up to six-months and more. It is made …

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brown spots

Help! My Lower Legs Have Brown Spots!

Leg freckles, or brown spots as they are most commonly known, are caused by hyperpigmentation that evolves from sun exposure and damage. You will find they are normally located in areas on your legs that have been clothless. You should be aware that these can often become dangerous in the long run. While the majority …

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chemical peel in NYC

Pamper Yourself With A Chemical Peel!

If you are looking for skin-cell regeneration, then a chemical peel is a non-invasive procedure you can undergo. This will remove all the dead-cells from the area where your skin is damaged, allowing new cells to grow. It improves the appearance of the skin, leaving it less wrinkled than the old skin. Chemical peels can …

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scar treatments

Acne Scar Treatments That Work

Many individuals understand the horrors of a devastating case of acne! Acne can be not only uncomfortable but can have a severe effect on a person’s self-confidence. Fortunately, or so it would seem, as we age, our skin tends to not break out as much as it might have when we were in our early …

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Say Bye to Double Chin

Say Bye To Double Chin!

Some of the causes of double chin include excess fat deposits around the neck and face areas, skin laxity, aging, and more. The thing is that fat from double chin cannot be specifically targeted with exercise. The fat that lurks around our chin is stubborn! If you want quick and effective results, here are some …

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That Peelin’ Feeling: Chemical Peels 101

That Peelin’ Feeling: Chemical Peels 101

With many options in facial rejuvenation today, the tried-and-true chemical peel is still in high demand. This procedure effectively exfoliates the skin, removing outer dermal layers to reveal softer, smoother skin underneath. With a variety of peel solutions to choose from, you can easily tailor this procedure to your specific needs and desired outcome. Check out these basic …

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Can Botox Treat Depression

Can Botox Treat Depression?

Botox has been described as a wonder treatment for its ability to erase fine lines and facial creases with simple injections. What many people don’t know is that long before Botox became the go-to wrinkle relaxer, the formulation was used for a variety of medical purposes. Now, scientists are finding that the same treatment sought …

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