Help! My Lower Legs Have Brown Spots!

Leg freckles, or brown spots as they are most commonly known, are caused by hyperpigmentation that evolves from sun exposure and damage. You will find they are normally located in areas on your legs that have been clothless. You should be aware that these can often become dangerous in the long run. While the majority of these freckles are harmless, perhaps caused due to too much sunburn in one area, there is also the potential for skin cancer. If you notice there is a change in their color, size or shape, then you need to get medical advice immediately.


Age Spots: These are often confused with sunspots and are also called liver spots. They are found in all skin types, but normally fair skinned people possess them. They can be as small as a freckle, but as more exposure to the sun occurs they will merge. Some factors that cause them to appear are:

  1. Sun Exposure – Melanin is found in the sun’s UV rays, and this will also cause age spots on your skin. If you feel it is best not to wear SPF in the summer, then expect potential issues at some stage, so make sure you wear sun cream at all stages. You can even get your moisturizer with the addition of SPF added to it.
  2. Tanning Beds – Many people use tanning beds still, to create a tanned effect on their bodies. However, these beds are also one of the biggest contributors to the emergence of age spots. You may think you are doing the right thing, by keeping out of the sun, but a tan bed still puts radiation into your body, it is the melanin that tans your skin.
  3. Skin Tone – If you have fair skin, then, unfortunately, you have a higher risk of age spots developing, than someone that is olive skinned or darker.

Freckles: Freckles often get confused with sunspots, but they are genetic. However, they do appear after sun exposure and they are more often found on lighter skinned people. If this sounds like you, then limit your time in the sun or ensure you wear SPF 15+ all the time.

Diabetes: Diabetic dermopathy is a skin condition that affects 30 percent of diabetics. It is almost always found on the shins, is light brown or red in color and is oval shaped. These spots are harmless and will eventually go away on their own.

How Can I Treat My Age Spots?

If you are not comfortable with brown spots on your legs, there is a procedure that you can undergo and it is called Laser Resurfacing. This has now replaced peels and has a high accuracy rate. It works by creating an injury to your skin surface, that then heals, and is perfect for issues such as sun damage and age spots. Your skin is 97 percent water and the laser heats up this water, while a concentrated beam of light removes your skin gently, layer by layer with minimal heat damage. Often recovery only takes two weeks and the noticeable difference is amazing, with your brown spots gone.  

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