Say Bye To Double Chin!

Say Bye to Double Chin

Some of the causes of double chin include excess fat deposits around the neck and face areas, skin laxity, aging, and more. The thing is that fat from double chin cannot be specifically targeted with exercise. The fat that lurks around our chin is stubborn! If you want quick and effective results, here are some double chin treatment options to consider:


double chin treatments

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that can correct problems caused by extra fat. It is a highly sought after procedure because it provides immediate results. The procedure can used for treating double chin and it works by removing excess fat deposits through a small incision made around your neck or under your chin. Next, the fat is broken up to make it easier for your surgeon to remove it. There are two available methods for the job: ultrasonic-assisted method (UAL) and suction-assisted method (SAL).

After the fat is removed, you have to take good care of yourself to ensure the results are permanent. If you are looking for procedures that offer long-lasting and quick results, and do not need to have your chin or neck dramatically improved, liposuction is a good option to consider.


Kybella is a relatively new, non-surgical procedure that can be used to treat double chin. The procedure features a series of injections that are injected at strategic points under your chin so that the deoxycholic acid can target the fat directly. Kybella is a synthetic form of a salt bile and is designed to break down fat cells for energy. It is similar to the bile that is produced by your liver.

You do not have to worry about the acid that is being injected under your chin. They have the ability to break down fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissue. After your fat cells have been destroyed, your body naturally does the work to flush them out. If you opt for Kybella treatment, it may have to be administered more than once to the ideal results. In addition, the injections have to be done carefully and evenly, just like any other dermal fillers. In most cases, it can take up to eight treatments to reach your goals.

Neck Lift Surgery

It is normal for one’s neck to show signs of aging. As one ages, the skin around the neck becomes looser and softer, which makes room for fat to migrate down from your face. You may call this the “gobbler” effect. When this happens, the distinction between your face and your neck becomes more blurred, and causes you to look heavier and older than you really are. Fortunately, the neck lift surgery is designed to address all these cosmetic issues. The procedure will tighten up your muscles and your skin so they do not appear saggy or loose.

With that, the neck lift procedure is typically accomplished by making an incision along your hairline and behind your hair, then the area under your chin and surrounding muscles are accessed through that incision. Next, excess fat deposits are removed, muscles are repaired, and the skin is tightened back to the incision site. By removing the hated double chin, you will gain a better definition between your face and neck!

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