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NYC medspa

Choosing A NYC Medspa Like A Pro

Medspas are located in almost every corner these days, but not all medspas are equal or as capable as some others. Below are listed a few things you need to know before choosing a medspa and laser skin treatment center: Heavy Discounts on Procedures You need to ask yourself "Why are the prices that low?" …

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acne scars in NYC

Saying Bye To Acne Scars In NYC

The most common problem associated with acne is the formation of acne scars, which can leave marks even after the acne disappears. Luckily, a range of effective acne treatments in NYC can help you in reducing the redness of the scars, and diminish the marks within quick time. This condition is quite commonly found in …

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micro needling

The Benefits Of Micro Needling

Forget Botox, there is a new kid on the block when it comes to your skin looking younger, and it’s called micro-needling. For over 15-years Botox has reigned supreme in the anti-aging market, but this non-invasive way of achieving youthful looks is all the rage. Although it involves hundreds of invisible tiny puncture wounds by …

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laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal And How It Works

With laser hair removal fast becoming one of the most popular ways to lose unsightly hair on your body, with over 70 percent of males and 80 percent of females undergoing the treatment. This is due to the fact that after 6 to 10 treatments the hair can be permanently removed, with a success rate …

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How Does Restylane Work?

Restylane has fast become a growing favorite when it comes to sculpting lips and smoothing out wrinkles. As it is classed as a dermal filler it is perfect for lifting and shaping features. One other reason it is so popular is that it has long-lasting effects, sometimes up to six-months and more. It is made …

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brown spots

Help! My Lower Legs Have Brown Spots!

Leg freckles, or brown spots as they are most commonly known, are caused by hyperpigmentation that evolves from sun exposure and damage. You will find they are normally located in areas on your legs that have been clothless. You should be aware that these can often become dangerous in the long run. While the majority …

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