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Woman in bra with one arm on should and another arm around waist (model)

How Much Does a Breast Reduction Cost? 7 Questions To Consider

Living with overly large breasts can affect every aspect of daily life. From the constant discomfort in your neck and shoulders to the challenges of finding comfortable clothing, the struggles are real and often underestimated by those who don't experience them. Breast reduction surgery has enhanced the quality of life of many women who've faced …

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Pregnancy After Tummy Tuck: What You Need To Know

There’s no denying that a baby is a blessing to a family, offering as many joyous, exciting moments as sleepless nights and lifestyle changes. Still, many moms are all too familiar with the long-term effects of pregnancy on the abdomen following the birth of one or more children. To improve the tone and tightness of …

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breast augmentation revision

What Can Breast Implant/Breast Augmentation Revision Correct? (Updated 2023)

Approximately 25 percent of the women who visit Advanced Plastic Surgery for breast implants have already had breast augmentation surgery performed by another surgeon. Like them, you may be considering coming to New York plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Newman for implant revision, for reasons including: Implant-related issues: Problems with the breast implants themselves, such as …

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Post-op Instructions for Common Plastic Surgery Procedures

Instructions for Plastic Surgery Recovery (Updated 2023)

An important part of a successful plastic surgery procedure happens after the operation has been completed. When you return home after your surgery, you will need to follow a post-surgical regimen based on your surgical procedure. The following information is provided to assist you during your recovery process until you return to your doctor’s office …

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Is BOTOX® Bad for You?

As we age, wrinkles, lines, and other signs of aging appear on our faces. For many of us, the desire to reduce these signs can be all-consuming, leading us to explore various options, including the ever-popular BOTOX Cosmetic. But concerns over safety may cause you to wonder if BOTOX is bad for you. In this …

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Woman in underwear looking down (model)

What Areas of the Body Can You Treat With Liposuction? 

Most people understand that liposuction removes fat from the body and usually associate the procedure with reducing “love handles” on the hips or creating a contoured abdominal area. Even though these are some of the most common areas targeted by liposuction at our Long Island practice, we can treat virtually any area of the body …

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Woman standing with measuring tape around waist (model)

Liposuction Results Week by Week

Liposuction is consistently one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the U.S. In fact, statistics compiled by The Aesthetic Society show surgeons performed liposuction more than any other procedure in 2021, with nearly 500,000 surgeries. Liposuction’s popularity is understandable; the procedure requires minimal incisions and creates excellent results. Those results, though, may …

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