Laser Skin SurfacingBefore we can discuss the concepts behind skin tightening, it needs to be defined. Imagine the difference between a loose pair of jeans and a pair of leggings (spandex) that fits you snuggly. Unlike the jeans, the spandex is form fitting because it is elastic. You can pinch the spandex off your leg and it ‘snaps back’ when you let go — different from the jeans. Imagine if you could somehow do something to the jean material to make it act more like the spandex. That’s the concept behind skin tightening.

Skin tightening of the face differs very much from the concept of a facelift. Using the concept of the jeans, a facelift is the same as releasing a seam, removing some excess material, and re-sewing the seam. In the end, the jeans are tighter, but the material is the same. Skin tightening is more similar to replacing the jean material with spandex. Since the material itself now has more ‘snap,’ it fits better.

The concept I’m trying to explain is ‘elasticity’. Younger skin is more elastic — it has more ‘snap’. Skin tightening procedures make the skin more elastic — more similar to younger skin. Skin tightening of the face may give an appearance of tightness — similar to a facelift — but without surgery. When the skin of the face becomes tighter and more elastic, joweling of the cheeks may improve and wrinkles may improve or disappear. With pregnancy, the skin of the abdomen loses some of its elasticity and stretches. After pregnancy, you actually have more skin on your belly than you started with. A ‘stretch mark’ represents an area of skin that stretched so much that some of the deep fibers of the skin are actually torn.

There are different substances in your skin that contribute to its elasticity. The most common are collagen and elastin. These fibers are much more plentiful in younger skin. Younger fibers are also more elastic. Skin tightening procedures work below the surface of the skin at the level of these fibers and cause the body to regenerate new fibers that are young and elastic. The end result is tighter skin that acts more like younger skin.

Several technologies now exist that work on these deep fibers. These consist of Radio-Frequency Energy, Infra-Red Energy and Diode Lasers tuned to the wavelength absorbed by these fibers. Here, every Skin Tightening Series utilizes all three technologies for the optimal result.

Today is a week since my surgery and I just saw Dr. Newman for my second post-op visit. I am so thrilled. First of all his staff is wonderful. I am amazed at how I feel now only one week later. Dr. Newman told me that I'd be OK to return to work this past Monday only 3 days after surgery. Honestly, I didn't believe him but as it turned out he was correct. I returned on Tuesday after surgery last Friday. At this point I have almost no pain and I only have a small bruise on my left side. My result is amazing and exactly what I told him I wanted. I heard from other people how good he is and, to be honest, I'm amazed at how easy this was. Go Dr. N!!!

Discover Our Latest Technology – Thermi Radio Frequency (RF)

Thermi Tight

Imagine if just the right amount of heat applied to the skin from the inside could replenish the skin’s collagen and restore its elasticity. How exciting it would be to tighten and smooth away the appearance of loose, sagging skin on different parts of the body with a procedure that is almost completely non-invasive! Thermi Radio Frequency (RF) is a revolutionary way to do just that — to tighten skin, no matter how thick or thin, and it really works!

Scott Newman MD, FACS is the first plastic surgeon in Westchester and Long Island areas of New York to have a Thermi device in his office. This groundbreaking technology makes it easier and less invasive to treat skin laxity, melting away fat and delivering results that patients love with very little downtime.

What Is Thermi-RF™?

ThermiTight™ is a very safe and effective type of injectable radiofrequency used to smooth and tighten the skin in as little as one single treatment. ThermiTight can contract and tighten excess skin around the bra area of the back, it can smooth and slenderize the neck, the face, and even the thighs. It can lift the upper arms, and tighten the skin on the tummy. ThermiTight procedures may be a suitable alternative for those considering a facelift or a necklift. Just about any common problem area on the face, neck, and body facing sagging skin can be improved with the radio lift technology of Thermi-RF tightening. The most common areas on the face are the Cheeks, Forehead, Upper Lip and Eyelids. Usually the entire face is treated at once (except the eyelids). Common areas for body treatments include the Belly, Upper Arms, Knees and Hands — in many cases giving an option where there is no surgical option available!

Thermi-RF™ is a piece of medical equipment that delivers radio frequency skintreatments using a needle-sized probe called a thermistor to monitor and control temperature in plastic surgery and dermatology procedures. The probe has two tips, one that operates as a thermometer, and the other a radiofrequency generator. Think of Thermi as a new skin tightening technology that improves the skin’s appearance by contracting and tightening the skin from the inside rather than the outside. It is a complete game changer in the world of plastic surgery technique.

Thermi arm

How Does Thermi-RF Work?

The Thermi-RF equipment allows an experienced plastic surgeon to insert the thermistor under the skin, delivering controlled levels of heat to the tissues from the inside, causing slight changes to those tissues so that the body lays down new elastic collagen, making the skin smoother and more flexible. The Thermi process requires only local anesthesia, lasts typically less than one hour, and patients can often resume their daily schedules without missing a beat.

Following numbing with local anesthesia, Dr. Newman will make a very small incision to introduce the Thermi electrode beneath the skin. The thermistor is just the size of a small needle, so no scars or stitches will result. During treatment, safe levels of radiofrequency energy are provided to the tissues, heating them just enough to cause contraction and coaxing the desired tightening results. The temperature of the tissues inside the skin is measured by the tip of the Thermi device in real-time while the surface of the skin is also monitored by an infrared camera component to ensure safety at all times.

Patients and surgeons alike have been very happy with the results of Thermi tightening. Some results are visible immediately while the most noticeable improvements can typically be seen three to six months following the Thermi skin tightening procedure. Depending on the areas being treated, patients may or may not require multiple treatments to achieve their desired results, but once achieved, results are typically long lasting.

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