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Our offices offer the following facial and body treatments:

Thermi-RF™ – Needle-based Radio Frequency

Thermi Radiofrequency (RF), also known as Thermi-RF™ or ThermiTight™, is a very safe and effective type of injectable radiofrequency used to smooth, tighten, and lift the skin, no matter how thick or thin, often in as little as one single treatment. The procedure makes use of a needle-sized probe called a thermistor, which monitors and controls temperature in plastic surgery and dermatology procedures designed to tighten and contract loose or sagging skin. This groundbreaking medical equipment ensures patient safety and immediate and lasting results through skin tightening procedures that work from the inside out.

Key Benefits: Thermi-RF tightening is a nonsurgical, almost completely noninvasive procedure that stimulates collagen production for tighter, younger-looking skin. This treatment requires little to no downtime for recovery and is safe for all skin types.

Thermage® – Radio frequency therapy

Thermage delivers focused radiofrequency energy into the skin, fortifying collagen and creating a smoother, sleeker look that turns back the clock. This noninvasive treatment can help the eyes (eyelids, brow line, fine lines, hooding), face (sagging skin, jaw line, neck, lines, wrinkles), and body (sagging skin, dimples, bulges, and cellulite), often in as little as one treatment.

Key Benefits: Thermage is a noninvasive option that can produce natural-looking results in as little as one treatment with very little downtime. This targeted treatment is clinically safe and effectively improves the signs of aging on different parts of the body.

Fraxel Laser Therapy

A type of FDA-approved fractional laser device, Fraxel helps to improve wrinkled or sun-damaged skin, scarring from acne, stretch marks, furrows, and discoloration, to name a few. Key areas that benefit from Fraxel laser therapy include the arms, legs, back, face, eyes and eyelids, neck, chest, and hands.

Key Benefits: Fraxel laser therapy is noninvasive and clinically proven to be safe, delivering real results with improvements in skin tone and texture not possible from the use of creams or skincare solutions.

YAG Laser Therapy

YAG laser therapy provides anti-aging solutions for wrinkles, sun spots, spider veins, and other common skincare complaints. This laser penetrates and resurfaces the skin, directing the energy into the skin’s tissues without removing the top layer. Moderate wrinkles, scars, birthmarks, tattoos, and dark and noticeable imperfections simply fade away.

Key Benefits: The YAG laser is non-ablative, penetrating through the skin’s surface rather than cutting or affecting the top layer of skin. Your skin tissue absorbs the energy from the procedure, which can effectively lighten birthmarks, tattoos, and other skin imperfections, most times without any scarring or altering of the skin’s texture.

CO2 Laser Therapy

The carbon dioxide laser resurfaces skin and improves wrinkles, acne scars, uneven complexion, age spots, and other common skin issues. Similar to chemical peels and dermabrasion to some extent, this treatment vaporizes undesirable skin layers rather than sanding or use of chemicals. Treatments can be performed on the entire face or on more specific spots.

Key Benefits: The CO2 Laser works to correct moderate to deep wrinkles and lines while also treating photo damage, precancerous skin lesions, uneven pigmentation, and other skin flaws or benign lesions with long-lasting results.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Photo Rejuvenation

Intense Pulsed Light Photo Rejuvenation is a noninvasive treatment that addresses sun damage and photo aging on the skin with no harm or impact on the skin’s epidermis. This treatment carries a very low risk of complications and patients face no recovery time.

Key Benefits: Photo rejuvenation via Intense Pulsed Light can treat highly visible skin issues across the entire face or in numerous locations rather than treating an individual spot. This safe, noninvasive procedure causes very little discomfort and allows patients to return to normal activities immediately. Long-lasting results are gradual and natural in appearance. IPL treatments target the patient’s individual skin type and condition to ensure the most successful outcome.

Laser Hair Removal

Through laser hair removal, unwanted hairs are exposed to laser light pulses, destroying the hair follicle for permanent hair loss.

Key Benefits: Laser hair removal precisely targets dark and coarse hairs without harming surrounding skin. Lasers work rapidly, pulsing and treating an area the size of a quarter in just one second. Treatments can take just a few minutes or up to one hour. Perhaps the best benefit is that 90% of patients experience permanent hair loss following several laser hair removal sessions.

Laser Spider Vein Treatment

Heat from the laser causes scar tissue within the unwanted spider veins and varicose veins, cutting off the blood supply and causing those veins to become inactive. Results may be most noticeable one to two years following the treatment, once the effects of the laser vein treatment have gone into full effect.

Key Benefits: Laser vein treatment is safe and effective for different sizes and complexities of spider veins and varicose veins. Patients may also experience relief of pain or discomfort associated with these veins, and an improved boost in self esteem.

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