Depending on the size and shape of your breasts and the ultimate goals you have for breast augmentation, there are several ways that breast augmentation surgery can be performed. Dr. Scott E. Newman has the extensive experience and expertise that allows you to have confidence that he will recommend the best possible approach to your breast augmentation.

I was a bit nervous before going to see doctors and I saw two others before choosing Dr. Newman. He clearly knows what he's doing, knows how to explain it, and knows how to make a patient feel comfortable. My sense is that he does more breast surgery than anyone around and his entire staff is knowledgeable. In fact, while I was there for my first visit, there were three other patients there who had the same surgery within the past two months. I spoke with two of them and they gave me even more confidence in Dr. Newman. Although he was a little more expensive than some of the other doctors, it is so clear that you get what you pay for. A friend of mine chose someone else because the cost was $1000 less. She just went back for her third surgery. I would suggest that anyone in NY thinking about breast surgery should at least talk to Dr. Newman. I have now sent three friends and my sister to him. I couldn't give a better recommendation than that!

Placement of Incisions

One worry many women have about breast augmentation is the visibility of the scars after healing is complete. Dr. Newman usually uses very small incisions, only about an inch long, which are easily hidden. The usual placement for the incision is in the fold beneath the breast, under the arm, or on the edge of the areola, which is the brown area around the nipple. Some procedures will require more incisions, and if this is the case with your procedure, Dr. Newman will discuss incision placement with you during your breast augmentation consultation.

Placement of Implants

Another important consideration for breast augmentation is the placement of the implant. Depending on the shape and size of your breast, Dr. Newman will determine whether the implant should be placed beneath the chest muscle or on top of the chest muscle and beneath the breast’s glandular tissue.

Submuscular placement of the implant is the most common. Placing the implant beneath the muscle reduces the likelihood that the implant itself will be visible. It also reduces the occurrence of rippling, which occurs more commonly in saline implants, because the implant is covered by the muscle tissue.

Subglandular placement is sometimes used when the breasts are small and there is insufficient tissue and skin available to cover the implant if it is placed beneath the muscle. If subglandular placement is used, occurrence of rippling is more likely. It is also more likely that the implant will be visible beneath the skin.

If you are interested in more information about breast augmentation surgery in the New York City area, please contact Dr. Newman at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center, with offices in Long Island, Westchester, and New York City.

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