What Not To Do After BOTOX® & Fillers

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When it comes to achieving exceptional injectable results, don’t discount the aftercare process. While most of your results take shape in the treatment room, what you do in the hours and days following your appointment can make all the difference in how quickly you heal, how well your results last, and how satisfying your experience is overall.

In this blog post, I’ll share what not to do after BOTOX and dermal fillers to make sure you have the best outcome possible.

Intense Exercise

Heavy exercise right away may increase your blood pressure and exacerbate swelling and bruising. While these side effects are normal, especially after fillers, taking it easy will keep them to a minimum and allow you to heal even faster. Wait 24 to 48 hours to pick up your usual vigorous routine and stick to light cardio in the meantime.

Dental Work

Dental work might increase your risk of infection if you had injections done around your mouth, especially lip fillers. Pressure on your lips may distort the filler, as the area is still healing and settling. It’s OK to have an urgent procedure done if needed, but if you can, wait at least 2 weeks after your treatment to schedule your next visit to the dentist.

Taking Blood-Thinning Pain Relievers Such as NSAIDs

Thinning your blood increases your chance of bruising. So while it may be tempting to take an aspirin or ibuprofen to ease post-injection soreness, hold off for 2 days before and after.

You do have options for managing discomfort, however. Acetaminophen (Tylenol®) does not have a blood-thinning effect. It’s OK to take it before and after your appointment and will likely be all you need to stay comfortable.

Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol has a similar effect, increasing your chances of bruising. Skipping the glass of wine with dinner 2 days before and after injections will help your treated area bounce back as quickly as possible.

Judging Your Results Right Away

Keep in mind that fillers cause swelling for the first few days and BOTOX takes about 5 days to take effect. Do your best to avoid nitpicking your results for the first week, as they don’t reflect your actual outcome. At weeks 2 and 3, you can start assessing your results and talking with your injector about refining them.

Learn more about BOTOX and filler results and other ways these products differ in this blog post.

Lying Down for Extended Periods

After BOTOX, do your best to stay upright for the rest of the day, or at least the next few hours. Lying down may cause the product to migrate to unwanted areas, potentially causing unwanted (and rare) side effects such as droopy eyelids.

If you would like to learn more about BOTOX and filler aftercare from a board-certified plastic surgeon, please request a consultation online or call (914) 423-9000. I’m happy to meet with you at my offices in Long Island, Manhattan, and Westchester, NY.

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