Tips for Successful Breast Lift Recovery

Tips for Successful Breast Lift Recovery

A breast lift can be a very satisfying procedure for women dealing with the pain and embarrassment of drooping, sagging breasts. This procedure is designed to remove excess skin and tissue from the breasts, restoring them to a more youthful position on the chest. To ensure your breast lift surgery goes as smoothly as possible, Dr. Newman at Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center in Westchester, Long Island, and NYC has some tips for your recovery process.

Managing Discomfort

Many women are anxious about the amount of discomfort they might experience after breast lift surgery. Fortunately, most are pleasantly surprised that the pain level is not as high as they expect and easily manageable with oral pain medication. To ensure your pain remains manageable, make arrangements to rest and recuperate the first few days by enlisting the help and support of a relative or close friend. The more you can relax in those early days, the better you are likely to feel overall.

Sleeping and Bathing

Sleeping after breast lift surgery should be done on your back or possibly your side. Avoid sleeping on your stomach during the first week or two to prevent additional discomfort and possible interference with the healing process. Bathing must consist of sponge baths until your sutures are gone. You may also find it is difficult to raise your hands above your head to wash your hair for the first few days. Be patient, you will be back to your normal bathing routine quicker than you think.

Supporting Healthy Scar Healing

It is important to treat your incisions with extra care in the days following surgery to ensure proper incision healing and minimal scarring. Surgical dressings applied to the area need to be kept clean and dry until the incisions have fully closed. At your first appointment after surgery, those dressings and sutures will be removed and you will be given special post-operative garments to wear for a number of weeks.

Keep your incisions out of direct sunlight while they are healing and do not smoke during the recovery process to ensure the best scarring results. Topical solutions may also be recommended to reduce the amount of visible scarring you experience after your surgery.

Wearing Post-Surgical Garments

When your dressings are removed, you will be given a special support bra that ensures healthy blood flow and proper healing of the area. It is important to wear this garment as instructed by Dr. Newman. Once you are finished with the support garment, you can switch to your comfortable bras. Avoid underwire bras until Dr. Newman tells you it is safe to begin wearing them again.

Taking Time to Heal

Like other breast enhancement procedures, a breast lift is surgery that is performed using anesthesia and incisions. The body will need time to recuperate after surgery, which means you will need to take sufficient time off of work and other activities to give your body the rest it needs. Plan ahead for your recovery process by stocking your pantry and collecting a few quiet activities you can enjoy at home. The more you are able to relax and avoid excessive movement, the faster your breasts will heal.

Of course, the biggest factor in ensuring a healthy recovery from breast lift surgery is to select a surgeon that is highly experienced and trained in the procedure. Dr. Newman has performed many breast lift surgeries and has a wide range of techniques he can use to produce the best possible results for his patients. To learn more about breast lift surgery, contact Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center at 800-873-9614.

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