The Plastic Surgery Most Popular with Millennials

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Brace yourself folks – those wild and crazy millennials are investing in plastic surgery, but it’s not the kind that you probably assumed it would be. Surely, you’ve seen stick-on beauty marks, freckles, and such. Apparently, there wasn’t a stick-on dimple, so someone thought that it would be a good idea to create one through plastic surgery. Such a good idea, in fact, that millennials are flocking to plastic surgeons for a “dimpleplasty”. That is the name that has been attached to the process of creating a dimple through plastic surgery.

Lots of “The Beautiful People” Have Dimples

Dimples are considered to be an attractive feature. Take for example Arianna Grande, Miranda Kerr, and Harry Styles. But those dimples, as far as we know, were created by nature. But is it a good idea to have a dimple created through plastic surgery?

Any plastic surgery should be well thought out. A consultation with your plastic surgeon is one of the most important steps in the entire process. Once thought out and discussed, your options can be weighed and, eventually, the procedure can be completed. That, of course, applies to your basic, traditional, most common types of plastic surgery. But what about dimples?

What Creates Dimples – in Nature?

Some individuals have no dimples while others have one, two, or more. What causes this? A tight connection between skin and the facial muscles is what people with dimples are born with. That kind of anatomy simply escapes those without dimples.

Millennial’s, however, in an effort to thwart nature, have decided that dimpleplasties will be their go-to plastic surgery… at least for now. What’s even better is that you, too, could have “un-God-given” dimples within less than half an hour.

Why Are Dimpleplasties So Popular?

The rising popularity of dimpleplasties has, of course, everything to do with attractiveness – but the fact that the process goes so quickly also has a lot to do with it. There is no need for general anesthesia, and, as the enhancement of facial aesthetics goes, it is a procedure that involves quite possibly the least downtime ever. Over the last few years, the number of millennial’s requesting this process has practically tripled!

How Is It Done?

Here is an oversimplification of the dimpleplasty process: inside a patient’s mouth, the surgeon creates an incision. In the buccinator, or the cheek muscle, a defect is created. Then, to the outer surface of the skin, the muscle is attached so that a dimple appears (not so much when your face is relaxed, but when you smile).

Here’s the thing – they are semi-permanent. They last for a couple of months at the most. There will be soreness and swelling while you’re healing. And on rare occasion, an irreparable deformity might occur. So, be advised.

The price varies greatly and is largely dependent on the person and how difficult the procedure ends up being. Somewhere in the range of $2500 and $800 has been the going price.

As suggested earlier, the consultation portion of any plastic surgery process is most crucial. To speak to an informed specialist and be assured that the finest techniques and most advanced technology will be used in your plastic surgery process, contact the professionals at Newman Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. Our first concern is you, the patient. We are here to discuss your concerns, options, costs – whatever you need – just contact us and let us know.

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