Steps to Achieving a Natural Breast Enhancement

Steps to Achieving a Natural Breast Enhancement

For many people, “normal” paints a very different picture than “natural.” “Natural” may be the very thing that sent you looking into plastic surgery options for breast enhancement in the first place. What is “natural” for one person is not necessarily equal to what’s natural for everyone else she knows. Commonly, “normal” conjures a sense of what everyone else has, what you see when you look around. Patients looking intonatural breast enhancement options may feel they were not gifted with “normal” breast size.

The idea of natural breasts may also refer to an appearance that looks as Mother Nature intended. A breast enhancement surgery can bring chest size to a fuller, more voluptuous appearance that still looks “natural”—in other words, believable. Many women wish to achieve such a natural looking breast enhancement where the finished result may leave a bit of mystery as far as whether they’ve had surgery or not. Scars may be minimal, if visible at all, and a skilled plastic surgeon can often deliver a result that looks and feels as real as untreated breasts.

Implant Placement Options for a Natural Looking Breast

This natural look and feel tends to be one of the biggest requests by breast augmentation patients. Placement of the implants and shape of the new breasts also factor into how natural and believable the outcome of a breast implant surgery will be. The so-called “natural appearance” many women want to achieve with their breast implants may come down to the type of implant chosen—high profile vs. moderate (medium) profile. High profile breast implants will give more of a round and fuller look in the upper breast, but a look that is a bit narrower on the sides, whereas the moderate profile implants may appear a bit wider with slightly less fullness in the upper breast, but a nice amount of cleavage. Either choice can produce a beautiful outcome; it just depends on your personal preference and vision of how you want your breasts to look. It is important to speak with your surgeon about your vision of “natural looking breast implants” for the procedure.

Breast Implant Profiles

To allay any concerns you may be having, it is very possible to get breast implants and still have very natural looking breasts. In fact, breast implants are not one-size fits all, and your anatomy will help to determine the type and size of implant that will work best for you. While moderate or moderate plus profile breast implants may create the most natural appearance for breasts in some patients, other patients may still achieve a very natural look with high profile breast implants. It all depends on your measurements—such as the diameter of your breast, distance from nipple to infra-mammary fold, and characteristics of the skin envelope for each breast—all of which we’ll examine in great detail during your consultation.

Natural Breast Enhancement

The term “natural breast enhancement” seems to be a bit of a double entendre. It could mean, for some, the process of achieving a natural looking bust. Others may be searching for a nonsurgical natural breast enhancement or solution. If you Google the term, you’ll surely find claims of food, creams, pills and supplements, exercises, and more that you can try in order to increase your bust size “naturally.”

Whether any of this really works is anyone’s guess. Some product reviews claim their reviewers saw results, but much of it could be due to purely natural body changes, like weight gain. The breasts are composed of fat and glands. The volume of breast fat changes in line with weight fluctuations, increasing as one’s body weight increases. Glandular changes occur due to hormones (especially estrogen), menstruation, and possibly some dietary changes that may impact hormones. Your breasts may naturally change due to things that change your weight or nutritionally affect your breast gland tissue. However, for many people, weight gain and hormonal options are not a true solution.

Natural breast augmentation, a relatively new technique for enhancing the breasts, may be conducted by moving the fat from other parts of the body and placing it inside the breasts to increase volume and fullness without a prosthetic implant. Fat transfer and stem cell augmentation have come a long way, enabling surgeons to do something people have asked for a long time—take unwanted fat from one place and put it somewhere else where it will be more functional and more attractive. Still, this procedure of fat transfer to the breast leaves a number of unanswered questions that doctors are working to solve before this form of “natural augmentation” becomes as popular as breast implant surgery.

Natural Looking Results by Dr. Newman

As a plastic surgeon in New York City, I’ve listened intently to a lot of patients explaining their ideal version of “normal” and “natural.” During a consultation, we very closely review every detail of the procedure, from the size and placement of the implants to how the end result will appear after recovery and everything in between.

Achieving natural breast implants is possible when you have a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon at your disposal. Contact Scott E. Newman MD, FACS today for a complimentary consultation.

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