Spring Tuning: Getting Cosmetic Surgery During The Spring Season

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Spring is in the air and we all know what that means – time for Spring Cleaning and Spring Tune Ups.

Whether you are looking at surgical, minimally invasive procedures or nonsurgical solutions, there are various options to tweak your problem areas and prepare yourself for the summer season.

This is a busy time of year for cosmetic enhancement – so make sure you get your consult locked in if you want to take advantage of the timing.

Every year, around this time, the realization dawns that soon we will get out more, wear less and we want to look and feel our best. Is this the year you are going to go for it? We fix problems in our lives every single day – there is no reason you need to accept a problem area on your body. You have options and you are entering into the best time of year to take advantage of those options.

Spring is a transition season; you typically don’t experience the cold, biting winds or intense summer sun. It makes it easier to adhere to recovery guidelines and not miss out on your winter or summer fun. You can also get away with layers, hiding the recovery process. If you’ve got little ones, they are still in school – again making it an ideal time to recover.

Not quite ready for a procedure but still want to freshen things up? Check out an exercise class or start a new healthy eating plan. You can buy new glasses or alter your makeup colors. Consider a change for your hair – color or style.

Want to be a little more aggressive but not ready to commit to a surgery? Consider nonsurgical body sculpting and contouring, or look into fillers or Botox. Consider laser hair removal and eliminate shaving from your summer routine (your summer self will thank you).

Feeling bold? Feeling ready? Why not jump right into maximizing your results? Spring is a great time to consider breast augmentation, facelift, Brachioplasty or Liposuction. Your body will have time to heal before your summer starts. Please note if you are working on a timeline due to a wedding, vacation or other event, please share that with your surgeon during consult. Typically, a spring procedure will have you healed and ready for the summer.

If you are just now starting to consider cosmetic procedures, it is important to do research and start to form a vision in your mind of your expected outcome. It is very important that you convey your vision to your surgeon during the consultation so you can ascertain whether it is realistic. Having realistic expectations is important to ensure that you are satisfied with the results and don’t have any regrets.

You should also take a minute to examine why you want to make the change. It is empowering for both men and women to have “work” done to correct an area of the body they aren’t happy with. You can expect an increase in self-esteem and maybe even some renewed energy as you enjoy the newer version of yourself. However, plastic surgery will not alter depression, career or relationship issues. Again, be realistic about the benefits and you will greatly enjoy them.

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