Should You Go For An Eyelid Lift Or Forehead Lift?

eyelid lift or forehead lift

The eyes are usually one of the first facial features that attract people to you. As you age, some changes occur that will cause puffy eyelids and formation of eye bags that may exaggerate your age. To some people, their eyelids tend to hang lower than the usual position. This causes a blockage of the peripheral vision or difficulty in opening the eyes completely. If either one of these qualities describe you, consider plastic surgery. Your youth will be restored and brighten your face reviling that lovely soul behind those sunken eyelids. Having to choose between an eyelid lift and forehead lift puzzles many Westchester, Long Island, and NYC residents. This article will guide you to choosing the appropriate treatment for your eyes.

What Is An Eyelid Lift?

This procedure is known as blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. This is a surgical procedure that decreases puffy eye bags and sagging of the upper eye lids. You will be put under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. For upper blepharoplasty, incisions are made along the crease of the upper eyelid but for lower blepharoplasty, incisions are made along the lash line. It can also be done from the inside of the eyelid. The excess skin/ fat is removed through the incisions and sewn shut when all is to the right size.

Excess skin is removed, or the droopy skin is lifted to allow ease in eye opening. This procedure surely will make your eyes look bigger and younger at the same time. Who said you can’t look ‘Forever 18’ with modern technology just a few treatments away?

After the surgery, swelling and a little bruising is expected. You may also experience blurry vision but it is just for a short period of time. To suppress the swelling you should keep your head elevated and apply cold compresses to the swollen region. The recovery period is of about two weeks. You will now be able to show the world the alert, beautiful and youthful person in you

Who Is It Suitable For?

This is for people who have droopy upper eyelids, puffy eye bags or people experiencing difficulty in opening their eyes completely due to their hanging eyelids. This procedure is also for those seeking an aesthetic upgrade to give you face back its youthful charm

What Is A Forehead Lift?

It is also known as a brow lift. Its main purpose is to lift the sagging skin around the brow region that may cause hooding to your eyelids. The wrinkles along the forehead are smoothed restoring your youthful appearance. The procedure involves having incisions running along the forehead. The eye brows are elevated and excess skin is removed. To soften furrows and frown lines the muscles under the skin are adjusted. The incision will then be sutured closed.

The surgeon may also use an endoscope for the same purpose. Small incisions are made within the hairline. It is preferred due to how short the recovery is though limited since no skin removal occur.

After the procedure, swelling, discomfort and bruising will occur. Discomfort may be treated by medication. The sutures may be concealed be makeup. The recovery period is 10-14 days and you will be able to smile knowing there is no more reason to frown everything will be ‘ironed’ out.

Who Is It Suitable For?

It is suitable for all with furrows and frown lines and droopy eyebrows. This procedure may also work for those intending an aesthetic effect.

Lastly, there are cases where you may need both surgeries (if you have excess upper eyelid skin and droopy eye brows).In such cases, you need to look for an experienced plastic surgeon who will advise accordingly.

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