Reiki Gives A Patient A Better Botox Experience

I must say I’m a bit of a skeptic.  Fortune tellers and astrology never made sense to Dr. Newman, the scientist.  Many people believe in these pseudo-sciences…I’ve always just thought of it as silly.

Deann Cartwright is my front desk manager- and she happens to be trained in the Japanese methods of Reiki at the level of Reiki Master.  In the past she has tried to explain it to me in a way that a skeptical doctor can understand- she has never been successful.  Until now.

Yesterday I saw a patient who had seen me once before for Botox treatments of her Forehead and Crow’s Feet.  Last time I treated her, despite a topical anesthetic, she left the room after only one area was treated.  It wasn’t pain or discomfort that was her issue- simply severe anxiety.  When I entered the examination room yesterday it seemed like history would repeat itself.  Deann knocked on the door and asked for a few minutes alone with my nervous patient.  After about five minutes, with Deann at the patient’s side, the treatment was completely uneventful, and both I and the patient were astounded.

So, although I still don’t fully understand it, Deann has made me a believer.  We will now be offering her services here in my office with full confidence that, as paranormal as it seems, Reiki works.  As for me…I’m a Cancer.

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