Plastic Surgery Helps Victims Of Animal Bites

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Wild animal bites, and the scars that can result from them, are particularly common. Whether they are wild animals or domesticated animals, the bites that can result from them can not only expose humans to the possibility of severe infection, they can leave behind some pretty significant scarring. Cosmetic surgery (or plastic surgery), and hand surgeons specializing in cosmetic surgery, are helping these kinds of victims.

Serious Complications Can Arise From Animal Bites

Imagine being bitten on the finger by something as seemingly insignificant as an opossum. Unfortunately, even something as minimal as that might seem, at first, could have the victim ending up in a hospital bed with intravenous antibiotics attached. Wild animal stings and bites are treacherous.

There is no shortage of information about snakebites, cat and dog bites, etc. But when it comes to animals that are less common, and the adverse effects that can be suffered due to one of their bites, there isn’t a whole lot of information out there.

Various Types of Bites

And yet, the most common type of bite/staying injury is not from opossums, cats, or dogs. It is from aquatic animals. They make up approximately two thirds of all reported bites/stings. These can include stings from venomous aquatic animals like sea anemones, lionfish, jellyfish, etc. They can be life-threatening, severe, or not much more than inconvenient with swelling and pain.

Reptiles only equal approximately 10% of reported bites.

And then there are the squirrels, skunks, ferrets, and other rodents and mammals. Birds, centipedes, scorpions, and other large mammals, equal just handful of cases each. Both of these groups equal relatively insignificant numbers.

The Most Severe Bites

Animal bites leading to the most infectious results are poly microbial. Various germs and bacteria are responsible for the chaos these bites cause because body wide, systemic reactions and tissue destruction can be a result.

Emergency treatments for wild animal bites can include elevation of the affected limb and warm water soaks. Even though they seem minor at first, some bites can end up being significant and, as the opossum bite mentioned above, end in a hospital stay.

And Finally – Plastic Surgery’s Contributions

Specialists in hand surgery, and specialists in reconstructive/plastic surgery can unite to help victims of severe bites. The severity of bites requiring reconstructive or cosmetic surgery could range from simple scarring to loss of a digit or excessive loss of flesh through flesh eating bacterial infections. Of course, bites aren’t the only time these specialties can come together. Traumatic accidents, severe burns, and more are perfect examples of occasions where cosmetic/plastic surgery and hand surgery specialists can combine efforts.

The entire experience of being severely bitten by an animal is traumatic enough. With the help of today’s specialists, however, the drama and trauma following such an event can be dealt with and lessened significantly.

As suggested, scars or trauma from animal bites is only one source of scarring that any number of individuals suffer from. If you are the victim of scarring, digit loss, or severe loss of flesh, and would like to know what cosmetic surgery can do for you, contact the caring individuals at Newman Plastic Surgery and Laser Center. We use state-of-the-art techniques and high-tech equipment, along with proven practices, to give our clients a new outlook on life.

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