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Plastic surgery is a realm that involves many different aspects. It is a broad range of restorations, molding, shaping, reconstruction and repair to the skin or body. Over the decades there have been numerous breakthroughs and advances in technology that have made it what it is today- a safe and reliable means to achieving the body you’ve always wanted.

For as many reasons as there are procedures, individuals have looked to plastic surgery to transform their appearance, resulting in an explosion of providers over the past 20 years.  Whatever the reason, plastic surgery has helped people look and feel better, and is more available than ever.

When choosing a plastic surgeon, trusting in the ability of the doctor is an inherent issue that cannot be looked upon lightly. It is important to find someone who can explain all the benefits and risks involved with plastic surgery and can provide a comprehensive explanation of what the patient can expect.  Scott Newman is a reliable New York City plastic surgeon with years of experience in reshaping, molding, reconstructing and restoring the skin and body of patients who choose this path. His name is synonymous with excellence in the industry, providing you with the care and expertise you need when taking on this endeavor.

If you are considering a plastic surgery procedure in the New York city area, give Dr. Scott Newman a call.  He has four offices to serve you, and with over 4,000 surgeries performed, his experience stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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