Necklift — Plastic Surgery Preparation New York

Necklift — Plastic Surgery Preparation New York

If you’ve already made plans for a necklift procedure to tighten the skin around the neck and jawline, you’re probably a little anxious in anticipation for your surgery date. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Newman is experienced in facial rejuvenation and offers some tips for the days or weeks leading up to your big day.

One of the more important things to know before your necklift surgery is that smokers tend to heal less quickly and are more likely than non-smokers to experience complications during recovery. Quitting before your surgery will be helpful.

If you take an anti-inflammatory, you should cease usage, as these drugs can cause bleeding problems. Be sure to show up to surgery showered and clean, having used antibacterial soap.

For more tips about necklift surgery, contact Dr. Newman’s New York office.

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