Let Your Face Regain Its Glow With A Chemical Peel!

chemical peel

A glowing face is a sign of confidence and vibrancy of your overall body language. There are many things that people try to get that rosy look through moisture creams, scrubs, serums, sunscreen lotion, healthy diet and a lot of other options. The skincare procedure may be different for each person, but the objectives are the same i.e. to get a radiant, youthful skin. However, sometimes, everything you try may go in vain, only to be left with a dull skin. In such cases, you should try a chemical peel.

What Is A Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel involves the application of a chemical solution to the skin, with an objective to remove the topmost layer of blemished skin and dead cells, revealing the fresh skin underneath. Basically, there are three types of chemical peels, each related to rectifying concerns in various layers of skin. You can choose from the three, as to which one suits your requirement.

  • Light Chemical Peels: Superficial chemical peels like pumpkin peel provides a hydrating, soothing and gentle solution to enhance the skin texture. Pumpkin is rich in zinc, potassium, beta-carotene, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. It also has antioxidant properties that help in fighting free radicals, while natural enzymes and hydroxyl acids exfoliate and enhance skin tone.
  • Moderate Chemical Peels: For those who require medium face cleansing, chemical peels like Jessner or Retin-A can work wonders. Jessner helps in enhancing the overall appearance of aging skin, lightening hyper-pigmentation, reducing wrinkles and removing acnes or blackheads. On the other hand, Retin-A peel is quite effective for young individuals looking to combat against aging from sun exposure, and also some older patients having facial wrinkles.
  • Deep Chemical Peels: This is generally used in extreme cases of acne scars, razor bumps, deeper wrinkles and significant sun damage. It can take some downtime for healing, and regular usage of sunscreen lotion is recommended to achieve desirable results.

An expert skincare specialist can better help you determine the best chemical peel for your concerns. Make sure you are not overdoing with your skin to make it look even worse.

What Is The Advantage Of Using A Chemical Peel?

Not only does a chemical peel help you achieve radiant, youthful skin, but it also enhances the effect of any skin care product you are using or planning to use. After the removal of all dead skin cells from the surface, the cosmetic products can be easily absorbed into the skin, resulting in a vibrant glowing face.

Looking To Revive Your Skin?

At Newman Plastic Surgery and Laser Centre, we offer long lasting solutions to combat the effects of aging, and rectify a range of skin concerns that make you look dull. We offer different kinds of treatment aimed at nourishing skin, stimulating new cell growth and working beautifully in combination with non-invasive methods like microdermabrasion to give your face a radiant look that can make heads turn. Give us a call today to set an appointment with Dr Scott Newman for a detailed consultation on how to go about your face rejuvenation in the most effective way.

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