Keeping the Fat Off after Lipo

Keeping The Fat Off After Lipo

Liposuction is an effective way to sculpt the body by trimming away isolated areas of fat. The procedure completely removes fat cells from the body, indicating the procedure is a permanent method of fat reduction. However, if a healthy weight is not maintained after surgery, remaining fat cells can begin to enlarge and mar the results of your procedure. To ensure that doesn’t happen, the staff at Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center have some tips to help you keep your weight in check after your liposuction procedure.

Diet Tips

It can be tempting after liposuction to let up on your diet plan somewhat, but those extra calories can catch up with you sooner than you might think. Avoid extra pounds by adhering to these diet tips:

  • Practice diligent meal planning so you are never caught without a healthy selection on hand
  • Practice portion control by placing servings into individual plastic containers for heating up later
  • Limit your intake of carbohydrates, sugar and saturated fat
  • Replace unhealthy selections with fresh produce, lean protein, and foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids
  • Change from three large meals to six smaller meals each day
  • Make sure to start every day with a healthy breakfast to avoid unhealthy snacking later on

Exercise Tips

Some studies have shown that beginning a regular exercise program soon after liposuction reduced the risk of post-surgical weight gain. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism looked at 36 women between the ages of 20 and 35 that underwent liposuction procedures. They found that half of the women had regained fat six months after their procedures, including visceral fat that accumulates around the organs of the body and leads to a heightened risk for some types of diseases.

The other half of the women were assigned an exercise program after surgery that involved cardio activity and weight training three times per week. These women did not gain weight after their procedures. In fact, most of the women in this group ended up with less fat in their bodies, in addition to a higher level of fitness and better control of their insulin levels.

There are a number of ways to start and maintain a healthy exercise regimen:

  • Make it a goal to get some type of physical activity at least 20-30 minutes every day
  • Find a friend to work out with that will hold you accountable and make sessions more fun
  • Hire a personal trainer that can tailor a workout program to your specific needs
  • Join a neighborhood gym with plenty of exercise options to keep your workouts interesting
  • Track your progress and celebrate when you hit milestones like increasing your walking distance or upping your weight amounts

Other Tips

In addition to the diet and exercise tips listed above, there are other steps you can take to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle after your liposuction surgery:

  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night to keep your body refreshed and in top form
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water daily for much-needed hydration
  • Learn healthy stress management skills that will keep your from unhealthy eating or drinking when stressful situations arise
  • Spend some time every day outdoors when the weather is nice to reap the benefits of sunshine and fresh air

Preparing for your liposuction procedure should include formulating a game plan for after your surgery that will help you maintain a healthy weight over the long haul. To learn more about how to get the best results from your liposuction procedure, contact Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center: Manhattan: (212) 472-6100, Westchester: (914) 423-9000, Greenwich: (203) 263-9000 or Long Island: (516) 882-1020.

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