How To Turn Back The Aging Process

ageing process

How we look to ourselves and others is always prominent in our minds. We are reminded everywhere of the youth we start to leave behind as the ageing process takes hold. What started off as a little wrinkle or two around the eyes can soon turn into crow’s feet, or even deep-set wrinkles. You may already use lots of firming lotions and potions, or you may have tried non-invasive “guaranteed to work” techniques – but of course they have failed to stop the process.

In the end nothing can stop the process of ageing but there are many things that can slow it down. Some procedures, such as face lifts can appear to take years off a person, but this is a surgical procedure and not everyone is keen to undergo this process as a first step. There are many exercises that you can undertake for your face and jaw, and this will help minimize the slackening skin and prevent a buildup of fat under the chin, causing the double chin effect.

Time Changes Everything

Over time our bodies change their physical appearance and the skin loses a lot of its elasticity. This causes us to sag, due to the effects of gravity. We age every single day, and our body shows it. It is an established fact that attractive people feel and do better in life. We live in such a vain society today, that people consider plastic surgery almost before they consider other options. The world of plastic surgery is not limited to women, men have their fair share of surgeries as well. We live and work longer today, and image is important in some areas, especially the public eye, as a presenter perhaps.

Next, the public tend to comment voraciously on appearance and look for any little defect with glee. Therefore, once the aging process starts to assert itself, it becomes more obvious and talked about, giving even the most hardened celebrity a hard time. They are not immune from anxiety, depression or low self-esteem, even if they appear confident. People try to hold back the tides of time with the help of cosmetic surgery, but is there anything you can do about the wrinkles or skin sagging that is less invasive?

Laser Skin Re-Surfacing

If you don’t like the thought of plastic surgery, why not consider laser skin re-surfacing? This is an excellent solution that will help tighten the skin and it can also take care of scarring issues as well. It won’t lift the skin as in a face lift, but it will definitely improve your skin quality and help smooth out any wrinkles that are just starting to appear. It also helps with sun damage to skin. Laser skin re-surfacing can also help with facial hair removal that some women are prone to as their hormones change their body chemistry.

Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, are very aware of how changes your body and that is why we use all our skills and the latest technological advances to offer you the answer to the ageing process. Why not contact us for a more in-depth chat?

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