How Plastic Surgery Can Help Body Image Dysmorphia

body image dysmorphia

Body dysmorphia is a condition where a person is unable to actually see themselves as they are. It is a mental condition that causes them to home in on aspects of their body, considering themselves to be “ugly.” They often try to hide or disguise the affected part of the body. People who have body image dysmorphia often have other conditions as well. For example, they can be more anxious about life than many others. Additionally, they can suffer from depression.

The cause of this disorder is relatively unknown, although there are many theories about it. Having parents that were very critical when they were growing up can considerably contribute to their low self-esteem, and this can feed into their condition. People with this disorder can often cover it up and make it appear something insignificant, so it can go undiagnosed for many years.  There are many different counselling approaches available, as well as psychiatric intervention and medication, but these aren’t always successful. Many people with body image dysphoria often turn to cosmetic surgery for help.

Will Plastic Surgery Help?

This can be quite a difficult one to answer because with some people it can make a huge difference, whereas with others it can have the opposite effect. Some people with body image dysmorphia have been known to continually seek to have more and more procedures carried out on the affected part of their body. For example, if they have an issue with their nose they may wish to make it smaller.

After consultation and consideration of what they think they want, they may not be happy with the results, wishing to go through the procedure again to make the nose smaller. Multiple surgical operations on the same part of the body can have a disastrous effect and can even increase their anxiety and strain on the rest of their body. For example, although Michael Jackson may not have been considered by many to have body image dysmorphia, but he appeared to exhibit certain traits of this.

Is Plastic Surgery The Right Option?

There is a danger that people with body image dysphoria will not be able to settle with the first procedure. The fault lies within their brain disorder, so they may not see the change exactly as it is and may incorporate it into their poor self-image. Of course, the opposite is also true; many patients see a huge improvement immediately and this helps with their therapy.  It all depends on the severity of their condition. Many surgeons have found that as many as 20% of rhinoplasty patients have some level of body image dysphoria.

Let’s Talk It Through

You can be sure that we will talk to you in detail about the procedure you are requesting as well as the outcomes and risks associated with it. If you do have any concerns these will be addressed, and we will assess your reasoning for the procedure. We are ethical and consider all areas of concern before advising on the procedure. There are too many cosmetic and surgical procedures carried out by surgeons who do not take the welfare of their patients seriously. We at  Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center know that not everything is always as it seems, which is why we pride ourselves on our in-depth assessment. We want you to be happy for the rest of your life, whether you have a procedure with us or not.

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