Getting Rid Of Turkey Neck

turkey neck

Aging or weight gain are not the only reasons behind the occurrence of turkey neck, since genetics also plays a part in developing a double chin. Irrespective of why it happens, there are many ways to treat this disorder. From minimally invasive surgery to non-surgical methods, here are a few ways to restore the contouring in the pivotal region.

Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo is a slight variation of the traditional liposuction that utilizes laser energy to melt adipose tissue, prior to being removed through a cannula. Fat is easier to remove by this method and the recovery time is also less. In the case of turkey neck, the liquefied fat is naturally removed from the body through absorption. It is referred to as Laser Lipolysis, and the procedure may take around one and a half hour.

The biggest advantage with this alternative is reduced downtime, and the patient can get back to business within a few days. Smartlipo includes cleaning of the whole jaw line, tightening up the neck region and having a transformative effect on the patient.


This non-surgical method stimulates collagen production using Ultherapy. Collagen is responsible for maintaining the shape and firmness of skin, which can break down with time, causing wrinkles. It takes around an hour or so for the treatment, and results can be seen immediately. Ultherapy is a sort of deep treatment that reaches some of the deeper connective tissues and facial structures. This is the reason why it’s a popular method and a perfect alternative to the traditional neck lift. Without having to use any syringe or knife, deeper muscles can be tightened up, without much expense. However, it is important to note that such a procedure requires regular maintenance, since it is not as long lasting as a surgery.


This procedure is generally recommended for aged patients who need more work in the neck area, to tighten up the sagging skin. Mini-Facelift is a surgical method which tightens up the underlying muscles as well as the skin. Small incisions are used for the process, and they are placed such that they remain hidden on healing.  For minimal pain effect, local anesthesia is used and the treatment can take anywhere from 1-2 hours.

Mini-Facelift is perfect for patients who are not yet ready for a complete facelift surgery. There are many patients complaining about aging in the neckline, jowls and cheek, and most of them agree to get some sort of surgical treatment to enhance those areas. However, many people are anxious about getting a traditional facelift, with all the associated risks and effects of anesthesia.

Whether you are looking for a surgical treatment or a non-invasive option for your turkey neck, there are plenty of options for you. You just need to consult an expert surgeon about what suits your requirement, since every option has its own merits and demerits. Non-invasive may be less painful, but the results can be less transformative too. Make your choices accordingly without falling for cheap offerings!

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