Don’t Fall For These Wrinkle Myths!

wrinkle myths

Anti-Wrinkle Myth #1: Good Genetics Mean Fewer

WrinklesLifestyle factors, not genes, affect the rate of our skin’s aging. A daughter in her twenties who gorges herself on fast food neglects wearing sunscreen at the beach, and generally takes bad care of herself will look older and have bad skin quality than her 60 years old mother who wears her sunscreen and follows a healthy diet. While these two share genes, the daughter neglecting her skin is likely to create skin-coloration, adult acne, the swelling of pores, and potential scarring, making her appear older than she actually is.

Anti-Wrinkle Myth #2: Prevent Wrinkles And Look Younger

The logic behind this myth is that wrinkles are a sign of old age. People with deep wrinkles are perceived as being much older. While this is partially true, it is not always the case. This myth overlooks other signs of aging apart from wrinkles. Hollywood artists have used brown spots on young actors to make them appear older for the camera for years.

Skin pigmentation has been linked by studies to perceptions of age. Therefore, your anti-aging skin care routine ought to tackle thinning skin, skin-coloring, and sun damage as much as it should look out for wrinkles.

Anti-Wrinkle Myth #3: Fine Lines Signal Unhealthy Skin

Both smooth and wrinkled skins appear healthy when examined under a microscope. The reason for the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced collagen production, the chemical (a protein) responsible for soft and smooth skins among younger people. One strategy for improving the appearance and texture of the skin is to increase collagen, but that is not effective with dry skin and adult acne since they are not caused by aging. While removing crinkles leads to more youthful skin, it does not improve the health of your skin.

Anti-Wrinkle Myth #4: Moisturizer Is The Key To Youth

Skin moisturizers aid in sealing in the skin’s moisture content and improving the lipid barrier, an important component in keeping away poisonous UV light (for moisturizers that contain high levels of essential sun protection elements), pollutants, and bacteria. Unfortunately, a lot of the store-bought anti-aging moisturizers used by a majority of consumers do not have the anti-aging qualities advertised on their labels. The best solution is to get a recommendation from a dermatologist or medical aesthetic specialist for a lotion that will truly improve the quality of your skin. However, a moisturizer will probably not be enough to fulfill the   complicated needs of your skin for it to maintain its youthful qualities.

Get Effective Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care

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