Cosmetic Surgery Is Becoming A Popular Gift For The Coming Holidays

cosmetic surgery for the holidays

Holidays are a great time to give yourself a makeover, as there’s no better time for impressing friends and family during such festive occasions. Gifting a plastic surgery is a growing trend, and many would say that it’s a wonderful gift.  Recent surveys show that surgeries and cosmetic treatments increase by a quarter during the period from Thanksgiving to New Year. Whether it is injectables, skin resurfacing or face augmentation, cosmetic improvement is today wildly popular as a holiday gift. But the big question is, are you choosing the right gift for your loved ones?

Gifting Cosmetic Surgery

Spouses are the most common buyers of cosmetic surgery, and the gift cards commonly include face lift or breast augmentation for their wives. The younger generation may offer it as a surprise, while the elder ones may discuss among themselves. Once the decision is taken, the concerned person is taken to a good surgeon, who will vet the patient receiving the gift card, in order to make sure that he or she is getting what they want.

Eligibility For Undergoing The Treatment

Physically, the candidate should be fit to be in the right head space for surgery. Poor health conditions like bleeding condition or allergies can complicate the process. The main objective here is that you need not force your gift card onto someone who is not yet ready to undertake surgical treatment. If it’s only the husband insisting for breast augmentation, it may be unfair for the other person. Make sure whatever surgery you are gifting does not affect your relation.

Carry Out Extensive Research

Gifting a surgery does not mean you are going to trust any street side surgeon claiming something big. With your due diligence, you need to check out the reputation of the doctor. Carry out an in-depth research both online and offline to know if the doctor is certified or not. Reach out to him and ask him directly for his track record. You will find many people calling themselves plastic surgeons, but the certified ones are only few. You don’t want to be risking your loved ones at the hands of someone without any experience or training. They may turn out to be someone with unprofessional practices, and may refuse you a refund by the time you get to know about them. Don’t let your gift card turn into poison.

It is important to note that cosmetic surgery is not one-size-fits-all kind of thing, and individualized treatment plan is very important before gifting someone a surgery.  If you want to receive such a reward from your partner, you can always help them in making the decision easier. Research the surgeons and communicate with your partner, who and what you want to go for. Communication is the most important thing in any relationship. Give us a call today to set an appointment with our expert surgeon Dr Scott Newman for a detailed consultation on how to go about gifting a cosmetic surgery procedure this holiday.

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