When Does CoolSculpting Work Better Than Liposuction?


While CoolSculpting and liposuction are both procedures that reduce fat in the body, they do have their differences. CoolSculpting is also known as “cryolipolysis”. It removes the extra fat cells from under the skin without the application of surgical incisions. During the cryolipolysis session, the plastic surgeon uses a special tool to cool fat in the body down to freezing point. After a few weeks, the body disposes the dead tissues through the liver. It does not require cutting, stitching and application of anaesthesia.

Liposuction on the other hand requires cutting, stitching and application of anaesthesia. The surgeon makes a small incision and then uses a cannula (a long narrow suction tool) to suck out the fat in specific areas of the body.

Parts of the Body that can be Treated with Either of the Two

  • Lateral thighs
  • Hip rolls, muffin tops and love handles
  • The abdomen

Cases where CoolSculpting should be Used instead of Liposuction

  • Axillary fat

It is also known as the armpit puffs. The shape of the area to be treated will fit just right in the CoolMini applicator. Often times, there is only a moderate amount of fat to be removed and this is not too much for the CoolMini applicator to handle.

  • The upper and the inner thighs

There could be skin looseness in this part of the body and so it requires a gradual and less aggressive method to get rid of the fat. Another reason is that, the upper and inner thighs fit perfectly in the CoolMini applicator.

  • The fat, banana roll beneath the buttocks on the upper thigh

The skin around this area is loosened and would be difficult to treat with liposuction. Using liposuction can result in roll of skin that would require skin excision overtime. Because of its gradual method, CoolSculpting does not run into this kind of risk and it would also protect some of the connective tissues that lie within the area.

  • Neck area

In the treatment of double chin, both liposuction and coolsculpting work fine. However, surgeons prefer the use of the CoolMini applicator because it does not require incisions. It is also a preferred method for the patients as they would try to avoid being cut whenever possible.

  • Mid-back

The bra line of fat that accumulates in the mod-back region can be easily treated with coolsculpting.

Who are the Right Candidates for CoolSculpting and Liposuction?

For those that have such disorders in the blood as cryoglobulinemia, paroxysmal cold hemoglobulinuria disease or cold agglutinin disease should steer clear of CoolSculpting as it could trigger serious complications.

For liposuction, it improves the physical appearances of both men and women. However, people with blood clotting disorder, those with heart problems and pregnant women should avoid the liposuction procedure as it can lead to serious complications.

While liposuction has remained the gold standard which all other surgical methods of fat removal are measured, there are still some areas where CoolSculpting is the preferred method to use.

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