Do Celebrities Prefer Fillers Or Facelifts?

fillers or facelifts

It’s not just the general population that are enjoying the benefits of cosmetic enhancement, as celebrities are undergoing popular fillers and facelifts. Many benefit from changing the aging appearance, but which treatment do they prefer? We look at the benefits of both.

What Is The Difference?

Injectable fillers: A minimally invasive treatment like injectable fillers, means that an area of the face that looks like it is showing sign of aging – think folds, creases, crow marks, sun damage and loss of volume – has filler injected into it. Restylane is a popular filler to ease the sight of wrinkles. A neurotoxin like Botox will paralyze the muscles that help to form wrinkles, while laser treatment will address sun damage and sun spots. Injectable fillers will last from a few months up to a couple of years.

Facelift: A facelift has the capacity to last a decade or longer and is an invasive surgical procedure, that deals with drooping. A partial rapid-recovery facelift can be used by patients in their 40s to target the neck and face area. A mid-facelift will help to improve the look of lines that come from the mouth and nose, where perhaps skin folds are beginning to form. It is not as dramatic in results as a full facelift. This should be discussed if loose skin, jowls, and deep lines begin to develop on the client’s face. It is very effective.

Which One Should You Choose?

Injectable fillers, you will find, are temporary when it comes to the success of the procedure. They can be used to moderate any signs of aging and are probably better for younger patients. However, if you believe this non-surgical method will no longer get the results you wish for, then a facelift may be appropriate. As you grow older aging issues, such as sagging skin, can no longer be remedied with injectable fillers, so a facelift is the better option. You really should be in great mental and physical health, while having realistic expectations as to the results.

How Do Celebs Look So Young?

It’s not just facelifts or fillers that can make you look young, and of course, celebrities do make use of these. But you can learn to look after your skin, as they do. It can be as simple as exfoliating away the dead layers of skin that build up on your face, as this will leave a smoother looking skin. Moisturizing is also extremely important, as this will get rid of a leather-looking face, as well as cracked skin. Avoiding over exposure to sunlight – make sure your moisturizer has SPF factor 15+ — and even keeping away from smoking, can make a huge difference. These two will attack your skin. It’s only when celebrities believe the use of such products is not enough to deter the look of the aging process, do they then turn to fillers and facelifts. Don’t forget, for the majority of our TV and film stars it’s not only their acting skills that get them roles, but it is also their looks too.

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