What Can Breast Implant Revision Correct?

Approximately 25 percent of the women who visit Advanced Plastic Surgery for breast implants have already had breast augmentation surgery performed by another surgeon. There are a number of reasons these women come to expert New York plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Newman for implant revision, including:

  • Dissatisfaction with initial surgical results
  • Dissatisfaction with the way their implants have aged
  • Dissatisfaction with the size of their implants
  • Dissatisfaction with the shape of their implants
  • A desire for a completely new look
  • Medical issues like capsular contracture

Dr. Newman’s approach to correcting these issues starts with a comprehensive evaluation. Listening to the reasons you are unhappy, Dr. Newman can assess the size and shape of your body along with your breast implants and help you find a solution that will restore self-confidence and feelings of appeal.

How Breast Revision Surgery Works

Breast implant revision is more complicated than the initial breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Newman will need to first remove your old implants before placing implants that better meet your needs.

Dr. Newman takes great care to ensure your implant revision is aesthetically pleasing and makes you feel more comfortable and self-assured than your previous implant. This requires you be honest about the reason for your dissatisfaction, and your willingness to accept what can and cannot be done through implant revision.

Dr. Newman prides himself on providing procedures that enhance self-esteem and bring years of emotional benefits. He will work with you to help ensure you do not require additional implant revisions.

If you live in or around Westchester, Long Island, or New York, New York and are interested in learning more about breast implant revisions, please contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Newman at Newman Plastic Surgery to schedule a free consultation today.

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