Brazilian Butt Lifts: To Do or Not To Do?

Brazilian Butt Lifts

Brazilian butt lifts use the method of grafting to transfer fat from other body parts and introducing it into the buttocks. This is different from butt augmentation that uses implants to improve the aesthetic quality of the buttocks. Inserting fat into the body appears to some people to be contradictory in the face of such popular treatments as liposuction that is used to reduce the fat content in specific parts of the body. Actually, fat is very good for you as it has revitalized qualities.

The mantra “I don’t want to do it.  I want to have it done” is popular among people who use plastic surgery who want to enjoy the fruits of plastic surgery but don’t want to go through the surgical treatment and recovery. While surgery has numerous drawbacks, numerous patients have expressed satisfaction from the operation to improve their appearance. It is normal to feel apprehensive about an impending operation, but, you can have a bearable recovery experience if you follow the recommendations of your surgeon.

What To Expect

You should expect bruising and swelling on your butt and at the site where the fat will be harvested from. You may also feel uncomfortable, but your doctor will prescribe you pain medicines for that. Compression garments will to keep the swelling down and speed up the healing process. Ideally, take time off work and be ready to go for about three weeks without sitting or exerting any undue pressure on your butt. Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center’s experts are always on deck to give you instructions on any other precautions to take in the immediate post-operation era.

Recovery Timeline

  • The recovery timeline after a procedure happens more or less according to this plan;
  • Subsiding of bruising and discomfort in the butt and harvesting area – one to two weeks after surgery.
  • Gain the ability to sit for short spells of time and resume light work – four weeks.
  • Swelling reduction – six weeks
  • Full recovery on bruising and swellings – eight weeks
  • Results of the operation fully visible- eight weeks

The Issue Of Sitting During Recovery

Sitting is very crucial for this operation. For three weeks after the fat cells are transferred to your buttocks, the pressure applied on the butt while setting affects the number of cells preserved to improve the appearance. You are allowed to sit for gradually increasing spells of time provided that the amount of pressure placed on the buttocks is limited. Pillows are a good accessory to have during this period of limited pressure to your buttocks. They assist you to sit in modified positions without applying undue pressure.

Getting Your Desired Results

The long-lasting effects of Brazilian butt lift surgeries and the short recovery are simply spectacular. It will seem to you like no time at all before you even start enjoying the fruits of the operation: a firmer, fuller, and more natural-looking butt.

Effects differ between one patient and another, but it is imperative to conduct thorough research on the surgeon to perform the procedure before deciding to go through with it. To help you weed through the long list of practitioners of varying skills and experience, talk to Dr. Newman who has performed many butt lifts at Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center.

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