Why Have A Body Lift If You Are A Male?

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Most men would agree that the shape they would like their body to be is one that is fit and athletic looking, with a flat abdomen (possibly a six-pack), broad shoulders and muscular chest. For many, this just is not an option due to their lifestyle, working hours, or even the fact that when they do hit the gym, some fat is too hard to budge. For the majority of men, they find as they age that most fat seems to accumulate around their ‘love handles,’ their abdomen and their breasts. Now there has been a surge of men turning to body lift procedures to get rid of these perceived unsightly areas of fat bulge.

Breast Reduction

Men with large breasts often are embarrassed about looking unfit or even feminine, and this can be a huge indicator in a loss of self-worth or self-confidence. You will find that no number of push-ups or bench presses will reduce them, so this is where a body lift will work. Here liposuction is the treatment of choice for your body sculpturing, and you will notice a dramatic change instantly. Many men find that even removing a small amount of breast and fat tissue makes a dramatic statement, physically looking wise. All those brand-new shirts that you never wore will fit, you won’t be embarrassed to take your top off at the beach, and you will find your confidence soars.

Abdomen And ‘Love Handles’

Most common in men is the excess fat called ‘love handles’ that increase as you get older, and you will find that the majority of men have them. Those that have six-packs and flat stomachs most probably are not sitting at an office desk for eight to nine hours a day, or have three kids to look after post-work. What will work wonders in this area, without the time-consuming hours spent in the gym, is abdomen liposuction. Even a small reduction will make a huge improvement, and if you couple it with reduction of fat on the hips and waist you will look even better.


The neck and just under the chin is another area that retains fat and, for some men, can feel unsightly. With successful sculpturing, losing fat here can give you a younger look, and you will notice many people commentating on your looks without realizing why.

Undergoing a body lift can be a life-changing experience as excess skin, and stubborn fat is removed. You will see that your transformation is dramatic with your self-image increasing tenfold, while you can shop for clothes several sizes down. If you feel that a body lift could be for you then arrange a private consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Newman. He will talk you through the process for each area you want to sculpture while understanding what your expectations are and what the actual outcome will look like. For the majority of men undergoing this treatment, they walk out full of self-confidence while being extremely satisfied with their new look.

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