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tummy tuck plastic surgery abdominoplasty new york nyc manhattanWe think that if we eat right and exercise that we can control the size of our belly. Some people are born lucky and have very little trouble keeping their figure. However, most people will see their stomachs expand as they age, no matter what they do. This is because the stomach is a place where fat is easily formed and is highly resistant to weight loss through diet and exercise.

When you gain weight, either through lifestyle choices, or pregnancy, the muscles and skin of your abdomen are stretched past their ability to “snap” back. In cases such as this, the Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) procedure can restore the tight skin and muscles you had prior to pregnancy.


Tummy Tuck Procedure

The tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, removes excess fat and tightens the abdominal muscles to create a leaner figure. Excess skin will also be removed, so that you will not have sagging skin after the fat is removed.

Dr. Newman performs the tummy tuck while you are under general anesthesia. An incision is made at the hip bone and drawn across the pubic area to the other hip bone. An additional incision is made at the navel.

After separating the skin from the wall of the abdomen, the loose muscles are sutured and tightened. Next, Dr. Newman removes fat and excess skin. If needed, liposuction can be performed to treat rolls at the hip. The navel is then reconstructed and repositioned to fit your new trim abdomen.

The tummy tuck procedure may take several hours to perform, and recovery may take a few weeks to a few months. Both the procedure and the time to recover depends on the individual patient. It is important for you to remember that you must maintain a healthy diet and exercise to keep a toned appearance.

Tummy Tuck Candidates

Dr. Newman will take a medical history during your one-on-one consultation, as well as evaluate you to make sure you are a candidate for a tummy tuck; good candidates are:

  • Emotionally and physically healthy
  • Lead a somewhat active lifestyle
  • Non-smokers
  • Within 25 pounds of their ideal weight
  • Realistic about the outcome of the surgery

If you believe you may be a candidate for the tummy tuck procedure, and are in New York City, including Manhattan and Long Island, please contact board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Newman at the Advanced Plastic Surgery Center for an initial consultation.


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