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Board-certified plastic surgeon Scott E. Newman MD, FACS introduces his own line of skincare products—Skin Deep—designed to cleanse, purify, brighten, moisturize, and tone. Specialized solutions containing vitamins and key active ingredients help to defend against the signs of aging, to treat acne, to hydrate dry skin, and to satisfy other common needs related to maintaining healthy skin.

Dr. Newman’s products contain healthy antioxidants and natural botanicals, making the Skin Deep line an effective way to keep your skin smooth, healthy, and radiant. The entire skincare pproducts is formulated with a doctor’s perspective, ensuring the ingredients all work together to achieve beautiful results for your skin in as little time as possible.

The current Skin Deep product line features:

Cleanser BP
Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Cleanser

Acne-prone skin doesn’t stand a chance with this special soap-free cleanser. Benzoyl Peroxide is known for its success in treating acne and unwanted facial blemishes. Dr. Newman’s Skin Deep Cleanser BP is fortified with Benzoyl Peroxide USP, offering additional antibacterial protection in fighting and preventing Propionibacterium acne. The cleanser leaves your skin cleaner and clearer.

Triple Effects Moisturizer with Sunscreen
Oil Free Moisturizing SPF 30

Daily use of a moisturizer with sunblock can keep your skin looking youthful and bright for many years to come. This moisturizer does not contain any fragrance, oils, lanolin, or propylene glycol—all of which are known to irritate the skin. This product is lightly textured and provides effective protection from the sun’s rays while locking in moisture for a healthier glow. Dr. Newman’s Triple Effects Moisturizer with Sunscreen is especially suited for those who may have photosensitive skin, possibly due to medications like Retin-A.

Foaming Cleanser
Purifying Cleanser

Give your skin a deep cleansing treatment with this luxurious and revitalizing solution designed to nourish and replenish your skin. Packed with antioxidants and natural botanicals, this cleanser delivers a gentle yet effective cleansing that also restores the skin, bringing on a more radiant appearance. Dr. Newman’s Foaming Cleanser is soap-free and perfect for all skin types. Key ingredients combine to form a special anti-oxidant cocktail of green tea, white tea, chamomile extract, caffeine, and cucumber.

Creamy Cleanser
Vitamin C Cleanser

This soap-free cleanser is extra mild, providing a soothing experience for even the most sensitive skin. The gentle formula of this creamy cleanser effectively clears the skin without causing any drying effects. The light and delicate fragrance of natural citrus extracts takes your senses on a tropical vacation while the cleanser itself reduces damage from free radicals and leaves your skin smooth, clean, and well hydrated.

Custom Anti-Aging Brightener Pads

Harness the power of botanical skin tone brightening ingredients such as Kojic Acid, Arbutin, and Bearberry plus skin shielding antioxidants to soothe the skin and alleviate redness or constantly flushed skin. Improve your skin’s tone and quality with a few daily swipes. Dr. Newman’s Skin Deep Custom Anti-Aging Brightener Pads are compounded on-site at our office for maximum freshness and efficacy.

Today is a week since my surgery and I just saw Dr. Newman for my second post-op visit. I am so thrilled. First of all his staff is wonderful. I am amazed at how I feel now only one week later. Dr. Newman told me that I'd be OK to return to work this past Monday only 3 days after surgery. Honestly, I didn't believe him but as it turned out he was correct. I returned on Tuesday after surgery last Friday. At this point I have almost no pain and I only have a small bruise on my left side. My result is amazing and exactly what I told him I wanted. I heard from other people how good he is and, to be honest, I'm amazed at how easy this was. Go Dr. N!!!

GS Pads
Glycolic Salicylic Pads 10% 2%

Say goodbye to oily skin. Dr. Newman’s GS Pads combine ultra-pure glycolic acid with salicylic acid USP 2%, a well-established acne-fighting component in many skincare products. These GS Pads speed up the removal of dead skin cells, allowing your body’s natural oils to drain as intended from the skin. No more oily shine!

Awake Pads
Glycolic Acid 20% Treatment Pads

Reinvigorate your skin with these 20% glycolic acid treatment pads that conveniently exfoliate and moisturize your skin without the fuss. Shed away spent skin cells and unwanted oils and residue, leaving behind smoother, sleeker skin that looks and feels great. Easy-to-use Awake Pads comprise liposomal vitamins A, C, E, Co-Q10, plus green tea extract and witch hazel.

Double Effects Moisturizer
Glycolic Acid Fortified Moisturizer

Forget your dry skin dilemma and get used to smoother, softer skin that looks as great as it feels. Key ingredients make it easy to hydrate your skin at a moment’s notice. This product contains the liposomal vitamins A, C, E, Co-Q10 and green tea extract. Dr. Newman’s Skin Deep Double Effects Moisturizer is designed for patients with dry skin who benefit most from a heavier dose of elegant moisturize.

Eye Magic
All- trans- Retinol Eye Repair Cream

Choose what works. This innovative eye treatment shows clinical results time and again in increasing the skin’s moisture while also diminishing the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles. The gentle formula focuses closely on the delicate eye area. Eye Magic also eliminates puffiness and dark circles, and succeeds in enhancing the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Turn back the clock with this doctor-designed anti-aging eye cream.

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