A lower body lift is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of an individual’s mid and lower body by removing excess skin and fat from the buttocks, outer thighs, hips, and abdomen. Unwanted fat and skin is removed by placing an incision around the entire lower body, in a circumferential fashion. Once the fat and skin is removed, the individual’s stomach muscles will be tightened, and the incision will be closed to tightly contour the body. The lower body lift procedure normally includes components such as a buttock lift, a thigh lift, and an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). The procedure can also be completed in one surgical session or multiple stages.

Understanding The Procedure

An apron of excess fat and skin will be first removed by your surgeon, who will create a circumferential incision that extends around your torso. Next, your surgeon will reposition and tighten your tissues, pull the remaining skin in your thighs and buttocks upwards, and tighten and suspend underlying tissues. You may be positioned on your side or tummy during this stage of the procedure.

After your sides and back have been addressed, your surgeon will position you on your back to proceed with treating your front side. At this juncture, your surgeon may combine the lower body lift with an inner thigh lift or combine the current procedure with abdominal contouring. The former option is performed when you have already had a tummy tuck or your abdomen does not require contouring.

Oftentimes, patients’ incisions will be closed in several layers over drains to control swelling and stretching. Deep support sutures are also placed within the underlying tissues to help form newly shaped contours. Aside from just using sutures, tapes and skin adhesives are also used during the incision closing process.

What Are The Benefits Of Lower Body Lift?

  • Gives you a new body profile
  • Improves mobility that was previously hindered by large skin folds
  • Able to remove excess, hanging skin after tremendous weight loss
  • Provides a more streamlined body contour that helps clothing fit better
  • Skin irritation and rashes (caused by skin folds rubbing together) will no longer be a problem
I had been reshearching Tummy tucks for many years and have been to may consults!! none of them felt right! I came across Dr N's site and decided to go and have a talk with him...I have had 3 kids..im 28! i have had 2 smartlipo procedures for my stomach and flanks!! they convienced me that i didnt need a tummy tuck...that i only needed lipo!!! ( that's because they were not board certified and didnt do tummy tucks) well i was not happy with the results because i still had a tummy and my belly button was crazy looking....so after speaking with Dr. N i knew i had to do my tummy tuck wit HIM.Read More here i am 7 days later..I feel great! look great! my scar looks great....i am very happy!
Hey, everyone...pros are nomore saggy skin and ugly belly button! Hello to form fitting shirts and dresses...and of course my 2 piece bathing suit!
cons...the drains!!! and garment

Are You A Suitable Candidate For A Lower Body Lift?

You are a suitable candidate for the lower body lift procedure if you have significant skin laxity, abdominal wall laxity, or ptosis of the buttocks. You may also opt for the procedure if your pregnancy or age has left you with cellulite and loose skin below the waistline. Individuals, who have undergone significant weight loss through dieting or bariatric surgery, will also benefit from lower body lifts.

Is Body Lift A Painful Procedure And Where Will The Incisions Be Made?

You may experience some discomfort after the lower body lift procedure. Your doctor will prescribe medication to help keep the pain manageable. For the incisions, they are located above the buttocks and lower abdomen. In some cases, a scar may be unavoidable, however rest assured that your doctor will try his very best to make the scar less conspicuous.

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