Sculpt and Define with SculpSure

Sculpt and Define with SculpSure

If you are looking for a way to sculpt the body without anesthesia or recovery time, one possible solution is now available at Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center. SculpSure is the first FDA-approved laser treatment for body contouring that does not involve surgery. The procedure is non-invasive, comfortable and very effective at reducing isolated pockets of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise efforts.

The Laser Alternative
Lasers have been used for some time for both medical and aesthetic procedures. Their unparalleled energy and precision makes them a good choice in a wide range of functions. As the key tool in SculpSure, laser energy permeates the skin and underlying tissue to target fat cells directly. Fat is heated and liquefied so it can be effectively eliminated by the body’s natural processes. Surrounding skin and tissue is left untouched, which means there is no need for a recovery time after the procedure.

SculpSure Benefits
There are a number of reasons why SculpSure is positioned to become a top choice in non-surgical body contouring:

  • Taking just 25 minutes to complete, SculpSure is a faster procedure than nearly any other method of body contouring
  • SculpSure features four applicator heads, which means multiple treatment areas can be addressed in a single 25-minute session
  • The procedure is painless, requires no anesthesia and no downtime after treatment
  • Fat is destroyed completely, making this a permanent method of fat reduction
  • Most patients see full results in just one SculpSure session

Treatment Possibilities
SculpSure is able to address many areas where fat deposits are likely to accumulate:

  • Waist and midsection
  • Hips and flanks
  • Thighs

The procedure is not a weight loss method and is reserved for patients that have achieved a healthy weight and have isolated pockets of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise.

Procedure Details
SculpSure treatments take 25 minutes to complete and multiple areas can be addressed in a single treatment session. It is common to treat both the left and right side of the body at the same time to ensure symmetry in the results. Most patients describe the process as comfortable, with sensations of heat followed by comfortable cooling. During the procedure, patients may opt to read, check electronic devices or simply close their eyes and relax.

Long-Lasting Results
Most patients undergoing SculpSure treatments begin to see results within 2-3 months, as the body eliminates the treated fat cells. Because the laser energy delivered with SculpSure fully destroys fat cells, the results of the procedure are considered permanent. However, if patients gain weight after SculpSure, it could impact the results of the procedure and an additional treatment may be needed to maintain positive results.

SculpSure is only available through a few plastic surgeons at this time. Dr. Newman features the technology at Newman Plastic Surgery & Laser Center, giving his Manhattan, Westchester and Long Island patients a revolutionary approach to non-surgical body contouring. To learn more about this innovative treatment, contact Dr. Newman’s offices at Manhattan: (212) 472-6100, Westchester: (914) 423-9000, Greenwich: (203) 263-9000 or Long Island: (516) 882-1020.

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