Regaining Your Manly Confidence With Gynecomastia Surgery

gynecomastia surgery

Gynecomastia is a medical condition that causes the enlargement of the breast tissues in males. It pulls down self confidence and can occur in men of all ages. This condition is caused when the male has too much glandular breast tissues which then cause them to have “man boobs”.

What are the Different Types of Gynecomastia?

  • Puffy nipple

This is caused by the presence of excess breast tissues under the nipple

  • Classic gynecomastia

This occurs when both excess breast tissues and fatty tissues contribute to the enlargement of the breast.

  • Fatty gynecomastia

This occurs when there is primarily the presence of fatty tissues.

  • Saggy gynecomastia

This occurs when there is an excess of skin components that causes the areola and nipple to sag. This case occurs when the person experiences weight loss or is passing through the normal aging process.

Why have Gynecomastia Surgery?

Losing weight can help some men lose the breast fat but in some others, the glandular tissues can make the breast prominent even in very lean men. Male breast reduction currently, represents the only efficient, and consistently effective treatment for gynecomastia that has long lasting (most times permanent) results.

In partaking of this surgery, the patients would feel confidence going out shirtless in public. It boosts their self confidence. So, if you worry about going out shirtless in public or shy away from such activities that would cause your chest to be noticed, then it is best to consider this surgery. With the help of a qualified surgeon, you will experience almost immediately, some improvements and very minimal scarring.

Using the Liposuction Treatment

Owing to the advancement in the technology of liposuction, there are now wider selections of less invasive techniques. The skill of the cosmetic surgeon is also paramount for an effective liposuction. The patient is induced with anaesthesia often laced with sedatives or just general anaesthesia. Then, the surgeon makes an incision on each chest, under the armpit or around the areola. These incisions are made depending on your need and the doctor’s preferred method. Then, the surgeon removes the excess fat and/or the glandular tissues. Then, almost immediately, the surgeon gives your chest a new contour that looks natural on you.

Sometimes, there are more severe cases that require tissue excision to achieve optimal results. Also, some patients have saggy, stretchy skin around the chest area and the cosmetic surgeon would have to remove these tissues because liposuction surgery would not be enough to give the desired look. The length and location of the incision is solely dependent on the extent of the surgery. A trained cosmetic surgeon will do their best to make sure that the line of incision is as inconspicuous as possible.

Recovery Process

The patients are given compression garments to wear for the first few weeks after the surgery, this will reduce swelling and help the tissues heal faster. Strenuous work would be forbidden for the first few weeks but the individual can return to work or school after a few days. The recovery process varies from person to person because each person has a unique way the body system operates. The surgeon will give instructions suited to a particular individual for quick recovery.

Maintaining your New Chest Contour

The reduction in male breast is meant to be permanent because all of the removed tissues are gone for good. However, it is best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Gaining excess weight and using steroids would cause the tissues to regenerate and cause gynecomastia all over again.

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